Top 10 Natsu x Erza Fanfiction Stories To Read In 2023

Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima is one of the most iconic Manga and has millions of fans all over the globe.

Being one of the most popular Animanga, Fairy Tail has fans out there shipping their favorite characters all the time.

Although few of the pairs were made canon, many of the characters didn’t end up together at the end despite being heavily implied throughout the plot.

Therefore fans want to explore relationships between characters who didn’t get the chance to have made canon in the story.

That is where fanfic stories come in. If you want to explore relationships between different Fairy Tail characters beyond the canon story, then the world of fanfiction has a lot to offer.

Fanfics aren’t bound to canon only. There are different hypothetical scenarios set up in each fanfic as preferred by the writer of the story.

For example, what if Natsu was raised by Erza instead of Igneel? What if the whole Fairy Tail story was set up in a real-world high school? These are the kind of plots you might come across.

There are many popular Fairy Tail fanfiction pairs. The most popular one obviously is Natsu x Lucy, or simply LuNa/NaLu.

However, there is another pair being searched for every now and then.

It is Natsu x Erza Fanfiction Stories, or simply Natza fanfic stories. Luna is the most favorite pairing, but Natsu x Erza is also gaining popularity.

Best Natsu x Erza Fanfiction Stories

There are many fans of the Natza ship. And that is the reason why there are hundreds of Natsu x Erza fanfiction stories available on the web.

Today’s article will highlight the best Natsu x Erza fanfic stories in 2023.

Therefore without any further ado, let’s get started…

Here are the 10 Best Natsu X Erza Fanfic Stories…

1. Of Inner Demons

After Igneel left Natsu, this time out, he was not found by Makarov. Unlike in the original manga, Natsu is very smart in this fanfic.

As years went by, he became Salamander, a rogue mage with the main goal of destroying dark guilds.

Fed up with Natsu’s actions, the Magic Council puts a huge bounty on his head. The bounty on his had led to a fateful encounter with a red-haired knight named Erza Scarlet.

Find out how their relationship changes from enemies to lovers over time.

This is one of the most popular Fairy Tail fanfics, and arguably the best Natsu x Erza fanfiction. The fanfic has almost 650k Words.

  • Genre: Romance/Drama
  • Number of Chapters: 61

2. A Bond of Fire and Iron

Natsu Dragneel is starting to lose control. A dark side resides within him, and he is losing himself little by little.

However, Erza is determined to stand by his side and help Natsu fight back the darkness. Follow the story of Salamander, and Titania, as they go from friends to a loving couple, and finally to a loving family.

From deadly battles to childish fun, together, they have established an unbreakable bond.

  • Genre: Romance/Adventure
  • Number of Chapters: 24

3. Fairy Flame Dragon

After losing Lisanna, Natsu made a vow at her grave to get strong enough to save his friends in time of need.

Her death hit him very hard, and now he wants to make sure, that none of his friends as well as loved ones fall to the same fate Lisanna did.

However, as Natsu gets stronger, he finds out secrets from his past that would change his life forever.

  • Genre: Romance/Adventure
  • Number of Chapters: 23

4. The Love of Salamander and Titania

Natsu finally decides to start his journey of being one of the finest Wizards in the Fairy Tail Universe. During his journey, he makes many friends, and just as many enemies.

Among many friends Natsu made along the way, one red-haired girl grows very close to him.

Watch how this friendship between the Salamander and Titania grows into a strong loving relationship.

  • Genre: Humor/Romance
  • Number of Chapters: 5

5. The Heir of the Exiled

This fanfiction is set in the same Fairy Tail world, the same guild, and the same characters. But there is one major difference.

This time, it is not Igneel who raised Natsu. So who is it this time that raised the fire dragon…

Also what could be the possible alterations in the story because of this change? Maybe it’s not much, or maybe too much.

Follow this fanfic to find out!

With almost 600K Words, this is one of the biggest and most beloved Natsu x Erza Fanfiction Stories.

  • Genre: Adventure/Romance
  • Number of Chapters: 43

6. The Knight and Her Guardian Dragon

“If I gave you the key to my heart, would you trust me with yours?”

This fanfic displays the birth of a romantic relationship between the Salamander, and the Red-haired Titania.

Follow their story to see what the future holds for this lovely pair. This is one of the most loved Natza fanfics.

  • Genre: Romance/Adventure
  • Number of Chapters: 55

7. Seven Years and Counting

This is the sequel to the Natsu x Erza fanfiction listed just above, The Knight and Her Guardian Dragon.

Ever since the return of Fairy Tail’s strongest squad from Tenrou Island, things have changed in Fiore. Things start to go normal.

Just like in previous days, the Fairy Tail Guild encounters new rivals and enemies, and the members complete various missions based on their ranks.

  • Genre: Family/Adventure
  • Number of Chapters: 73

8. Erza’s Master Plan

Erza Scarlet has finally come up with a plan to force Jellal to man up. She knows Jellal has feelings for her, just as she does for him.

To commence her plan to make Jellal true to his feelings, Erza requests a certain pink-haired Dragon Slayer for help.

But Erza doesn’t know that she would get a little more than she bargained for with Natsu.

This is a short romantic Natsu X Erza fanfic with almost 20k words, and just 4 Chapters.

  • Genre: Romance/Humor
  • Number of Chapters: 4

9. Love, Life, and Family

Since Gray Fullbuster and Lucy are now a couple, Natsu and Erza decide to take on a mission together to give them some alone time.

During the course of their mission as a pair, Erza starts to realize that she has feelings for Natsu. Soon after, both of them confess their feelings to each other.

Where will the story take Erza and Natsu?

  • Genre: Romance
  • Number of Chapters: 22

10. The Dark Rose

This fanfic is set in an alternate world where Erza is an assassin, and Natsu is a presidential candidate.

Erza has been bound with a contract to kill the presidential candidate Natsu Dragneel. Since she is a very skilled assassin, Erza just scoffs and assumes this to be a very easy task.

That was, however, until she met Natsu. Erza now finds herself in a very difficult place.

Will she be able to kill the man she has started to fall over? Follow The Dark Rose to know how their story unfolds.

  • Genre: Drama/Mystery/Romance
  • Number of Chapters: 32