Bleach TYBW Cour 3 Release Date, Plot, Cast and More

Fans of the popular Big 3 Anime Bleach were finally blessed with the adaptation of the final arc of the manga, Thousand Year Blood Year.

Bleach: TYBW which has a total of 52 episodes is divided into four parts, with each Cour containing at least 13 episodes. Out of the said 4 parts, two have already been adapted or are in the course of being adapted.

The first part of the Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Anime was adapted and published by Studio Pierrot in October 2022. Likewise, the Second Part of the same arc which started airing as a Summer 2023 Anime is still broadcasting.

The 13th episode of the Second Cour is set to premiere today. This episode which is also the finale of the Cour 2 will be a special with a duration of 1 hour runtime. And finally, Part 2 of the Thousand Year Blood War Arc commences with this special episode.

Now that Cour 2 is almost over, fans of Bleach: TYBW are eager and excited to know news regarding the release date, new characters, new voice actors, and plot of the upcoming Cour 3.

Two more Parts are needed to complete the story of TYBW Arc.

Bleach TYBW Cour 3 Release Date

Bleach TYBW Cour 3 Release Date
Bleach TYBW Cour 3 Release Date

As of late September 2023, there has been no announcement of any official release date for Bleach: TYBW Cour 3. However, as per the adaptations and gaps between the previous two parts, fans can expect Bleach: TYBW Cour 3 to start its adaptation at least by mid-2024.

Bleach: TYBW Cour 3, just like the past two parts will continue the story of Kurosaki Ichigo and his friends, as they battle against the powerful Quincy Army led by Yhwach.

As the story progresses and moves close to the climax of Bleach Manga, fans will be rewarded with more intense battles, new unique characters, and surprising plot twists and reveals.

If everything goes smoothly and no problems arise, fans can expect Bleach: TYBW Cour 3 to be released by April 2024. The first cour of the final arc was released in October 2022, and the second cour started airing in July 2023.

All this being said unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters, technical issues, production issues, or some other problems can cause delays for an early adaption of Bleach: TYBW Cour 3.

Seen release date of the third Cour is yet to be announced, fans should keep an eye on the official announcements from Studio Pierrot, the Studio in charge of adapting Bleach: TYBW.

Also you can get timely updates about the adaption status of the Anime from the official website of Bleach Anime and Manga.

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The cast of Bleach: TYBW Cour 3

Speaking of the main cast members for Cour 3, all of the main characters who are still alive and important to the plot will continue to feature from the previous parts.

The voice actors will also reprise their roles and there shouldn’t be any changes unless deemed absolutely necessary.

Here are the main names that you will most likely see in Bleach: TYBW Cour 3…

  • Ichigo Kurosaki
  • Rukia Kuchiki
  • Renji Abarai
  • Uryu Ishida
  • Orihime Inoue
  • Zaraki Kenpachi
  • Yhwach
  • Yasutora Sado
  • Kisuke Urahara
  • Yoruichi Shihoin
  • Toshiro Hitsugaya

Besides the main cast, many new characters along with new voice actors will also mark their place in the upcoming part 3 of the Thousand Year Blood War Arc.

Details regarding the additional cast members will be made available on this page once their VAs are announced by the Production team.

Where to Watch Bleach: TYBW Cour 3?

You can watch Bleach: TYBW Cour 3 on official streaming platforms like Hulu, and Disney+ just like the previous two parts. The episodes will be available on these platforms on the same date announced by the Production team for the return of the Cour 3.

Cour 3 will probably Air during the Spring Anime Season, of 2024 (April).

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