Does ISHOWSPEED Watch One Piece? Is Speed A One Piece Fan?

Fans are curious and want to know about this query, does ishowspeed watch One Piece? Is Speed a One Piece Fan? Or is he just playing it around, pretending to be one?

Does ISHOWSPEED Watch One Piece?
Does ISHOWSPEED Watch One Piece? IG

Don’t worry anymore; we have covered you in this article concerning Speed’s Anime watched and favourites.

Darren Watkins, best known by his alias in his social media handles as ishowspeed, is an American YouTuber, Streamer, and social media celebrity.

He is quite famous among football fans for imitating Ronaldo’s legendary SIuuuu celebration as Sewey/

The true face behind the IShowSpeed YouTube channel is Darren Watkins Jr. During the covid pandemic; he began making videos on gaming and some aspects of his daily life without understanding that his channel would amass millions of views and followers.

Speed is from Ohio and was born on January 21, 2005. He has two younger siblings and lived in his hometown in his youth.

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Does ISHOWSPEED Watch One Piece?

YouTube video

ISHOWSPEED watches One Piece, and he is a huge One Piece fan.

He is often seen uploading TikToks related to the One Piece Anime.

According to Speed, One Piece is the greatest Anime ever made. He has shared videos with his followers stating Luffy is the best main character, and One Piece is the best Anime.

He even went on to say; One Piece is the reason he is alive, and One Piece Anime is why he is streaming on YouTube and other platforms today.

We also found this when Speed first got into the One Piece Anime. He started watching Eiichiro Oda’s masterpiece during the first covid lockdown while he was quarantined.

It took him about four or three months to catch up with the latest episode. Speed said he was going through a tough time, and One Piece saved his life back then.

Is Speed A One Piece Fan? What Is His Favourite Anime?

Speed is a huge One Piece fan. He started watching this Anime during the first lockdown, and it has been his favourite Anime since then.

One Piece is Speed’s favourite Anime, and to show how much he loves it, he has even written a Track named One Piece entirely dedicated to the One Piece Anime.

YouTube video

In this song, One Piece, by content creator IShowSpeed, he expresses his passion for the One Piece anime, naming characters such as Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and others.

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ISHOWSPEED Streaming Career: How It Started?

In 2019, Watkins started streaming. He rose to fame in 2021 when his followers started sharing videos of his aggressive live-streaming behaviour toward video games, players, and his camera on TikTok. These videos acquired popularity and started trending as memes.

His rants led to bans from the online game Valorant and the streaming service Twitch. As “one of the biggest and fastest-rising broadcasters” on YouTube, Watkins was referred to by Kotaku.

Talking Ben is a game that has significantly aided his fame. Over a decade after its first release, Talking Ben the Dog became the best-selling game on the App Store, thanks partly to Watkins’ videos on the mobile app.

In March 2022, Watkins got a text-to-speech gift from a user named Bradley, who said, “Which soccer/football team do you support?” while he was streaming broadcasting Fortnite on YouTube. Speed responded jokingly, “Cristiano Ronaldo, sewey,” imitating Ronaldo’s legendary goal celebration.

This drew a lot of attention, causing Watkins to start supporting Ronaldo and incorporating him into his character. Speed and Bradley would subsequently meet in November 2022.