What is CoO in One Piece?

If you have been wondering what is CoO in One Piece, then you have come to the right place. This article will let you know about CoO and its importance in the One Piece story.

There are three kinds of Haki in One Piece Universe. These are Armament Haki, Observation Haki, and Conquerer’s Haki.

What Is CoO in One Piece?

CoO, or simply Color of Observation, is one of the three Haki types in the One Piece Manga and Anime. Advanced level of Color of observation, otherwise popular as future sight in the story allows the users to predict their opponent’s attacks, movement, and intention in the very near future.

Luffy and Charlotte Katakuri were seen using Advanced CoO or future sight Haki in their battle during Whole Cake Island Arc.

CoO is mostly popular as Color of Observation in many locations of One Piece. However, in Sky Island, it is recognized and referred to as Mantra. This is a very invaluable technique in battles as it allows its user to sense the presence of other opponents even if they are hidden or concealed.

CoO in One Piece- Color of Observation

What Is CoO In One Piece? Color Of Observation
What Is CoO In One Piece? Color Of Observation

Those who have mastered CoO (Color of Observation) can not only sense the presence of others but also their emotions and intentions. Users of CoO can detect them even if they are not physically present or are hiding or disguised.

Color of Observation is based utilized in battles by the masters of this technique. Those who have perfected their CoO haki can anticipate their opponent’s moves which in turn allows them to dodge or counterattack with ease.

Long-range attacks are relatively easier to avoid for the users of CoO, as they get significant time to react before even the attack reaches them.

Observation Haki is a very important technique and almost all high-level characters in One Piece are able to use it. It allows one to observe things around them very carefully in a detailed manner.

It also allows the CoO user to visualize the presence of those outside their line of sight. Ussopp has great control over Color of Observation and he used it to locate Sugar during the Straw Hat’s battle against the Doflamingo family. Ussopp located her by sensing her spirit.