Otaku Fox is a home for everything happening in Anime, TV Series, Movie Universe as well as Sports all over the Globe. Fans can find the latest news and updates, interesting facts, and most importantly the release dates of their favorite series. Besides Anime and TV content, we also provide guides and tips for gaming and tech-related queries.

Here at Otaku Fox, the aim is to provide answers and satisfy all your queries. When I was young, sometimes after binging an entire series, I would still be confused regarding the plot or a certain character and their whereabouts. I would quickly run towards Google and type my question there to bury my curiosity.

Unfortunately, most of the time, I never got a decent answer. In fact, most of the queries were not even answered properly. The majority of answers were from Forums like Quora and Reddit with 2-3 lines only. Realizing that these answers were just not what I was looking for, I became determined to launch a website where I could answer all such intriguing questions fans could ask while covering as many details as I could.