List Of All Triple Liner Mages in Mashle: Magic and Muscles

One of the most trending Anime series of the Summer 23 Season is the Mashle: Magic and Muscles Anime Series. This Anime revolves around the life of a teenager without any magical abilities in a world where magic is everything.

Triple Liner Mages In Mashle

The Mashle Anime and Manga feature different levels of mages with varying differences in powers. The most powerful of all mages are those known as Triple-Liner mages who basically have 3 lines running down their face.

This article will try to explore the list of all known Triple-Liner mages in the Mashle Universe. We will be including characters from both the Anime and Manga, so if you don’t want to be spoiled about characters who unlock a third line as the story progresses, this is your first and last warning.

Spoilers Ahead !!!

What Is A Triple-Liner Mage In Mashle Anime?

A Triple-Liner mage is someone in Mashle Universe who has three lines running down their face. They are the strongest of all the mages and command the power of the gods themselves.

The Triple-Liner mages have an enormous amount of magical powers flowing through their body and have unrivaled magic affluence and power compared to a One-liner mage or even a Two-liner mage.

What distinguishes Triple-Liners from the other two types of mages is that they are capable of using a special type of magic known as Divine Magic. This magic is said to be par with the power of Gods and Deities.

Besides, the Triple-Liners are also able to summon giant entities in the battlegrounds known as Thirds. These thirds assist the triple-liner caster during battles. The type of summoning depends on the magical affinity of each mage.

Well, in short, the Triple-Liner mages are the rarest as well as the most powerful mage in the Mashle Anime and Manga. While many of the triple-liners were born with three lines, there are some characters who unlocked the third line after intense training.

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All Triple Liner Mages in Mashle Anime & Manga

Set in a world where magic is everything, characters with unique and powerful abilities are the strongest. And even among the strongest characters, Triple-Liner mages in Mashle are those who command the powers of Gods themselves.

Triple Liner Mages In Mashle

Characters who have triple lines running down their face have unparalleled magic affluence and power. Here is the list of all known Triple-liner mages in Mashle.

  • Innocent Zero
  • Adam Jobs
  • Doom
  • Abel Walker
  • Lance Crown
  • Rayne Ames
  • Dot Barrett
  • Domina Blowelive

Powers and Abilities of Triple Liners Mashle

As already established above, these mages who have three lines running down their face are the most powerful mages. They are powerful to the extent that all other mages in the Mashle world fear and respect them and never even try to go against their word.

The Triple-Liner Mages have access to 3 types of Magic: Firsts, Seconds, and Thirds. First is basically the simplest form of magic, while Seconds are a bit more complex and advanced. Thirds are the epitome of magical powers, and only a few triple-liner mages have access to thirds. Thirds are powerful to the extent that they can affect the fabric of reality itself.

In addition to their exceptional magical abilities and powers, these mages are very intelligent and strategic thinkers. They are capable of using their magic in very creative and unexpected ways making them always unpredictable in battles.

Overall, the Triple-Liner mages are the most versatile and powerful mages in the Mashle Anime and Manga. Their combination of the use of magical abilities, physical abilities, and intelligence in the battles make them the toughest opponents.

FAQ: Triple Liners In Mashle

What Does Triple Liners Mashle Mean?

Triple Liners Mashle means the mages in Mashle: Magic and Muscles who have three marks or lines running down their face.

How Many Triple Liners Are There In Mashle?

There are 8 triple liners in Mashle Anime and Manga. They are Innocent Zero, Adam Jobs, Doom, Lance Crown, Rayne Ames, Dot Barrett, and Domina Blowelive.