Shanks Wife In One Piece: Are Makino and Shanks Related?

Key Takeaways

  • Red-haired Shanks is a very important yet mysterious figure in the One Piece universe. Not much is known about his personal life, particularly his relationships.
  • One of the popular theories in Fandom is that Makino, the owner of Partys Bar in Foosha Village, East Blue, is Shanks’ wife.

Red-haired Shanks is one of the fan favorites when it comes to One Piece Characters. No wonder fans want to know everything related to him.

Shanks was introduced very early in the One Piece story. In fact, he is the one who inspired Luffy to take on the Journey of being King of the Pirates.

However, despite being introduced as a lovable, inspiring, and father-like figure to One Piece’s main character Luffy, Shanks has barely any screen time in the story.

The Red-haired captain is one of the four emperors of the Sea and is a very respected figure among both the pirates and marines.

Despite his immense popularity and prominence in the story, there is very little known about his personal life, goals, objectives, and relationships.

Hence one of the most frequently asked questions in the One Piece Fandom is, Who is Shanks’s Wife?

While there is no concrete and definitive answer to this query, there are few speculations and theories revolving around who Shanks’s wife could be in the One Piece Universe.

Shanks Wife In One Piece

Makino from Foosha Village is believed to be Shanks’s Wife by a majority of One Piece Fans. Ever since the start of the story, Makino is shown to be a close friend to Shanks and his crew. During the time-skip, Makino was also seen with an infant child in her arms, indicating her being a mother. Many fans speculated that the child’s father is Shanks.

Of course, these are still just speculations and nothing has been confirmed about this topic by the series’s author Eiichiro Oda. Therefore take it with a pinch of salt, until further information is revealed about Shanks’s Partner.

Who Is Shanks Wife In One Piece?

As stated earlier, there is no official confirmation showing Shanks’s love interest or wife in One Piece. That being said, fans have had various theories and speculations over the years.

One of the most popular fan theories is that Shanks and Makino are partners. Makino is the bartender from Foosha Village in East Blue, and red-haired pirates, and especially Shanks visit that bar several times.

Shanks is also always rumored to be the father of that unknown child held by Makino during the Time-Skip Arc.

Shanks is that character in One Piece who always has fans on the edge of their seats whenever he does get a mention in the story. Everything surrounding Shanks in One Piece is mysterious, and fans can always expect some plot twists when Shanks is around.

Being one of the strongest pirates, and one of the four emperors of the Sea, he is already a force to be reckoned with. Unlike many powerful characters in One Piece, Shanks and his crew despise the power and use of Devil Fruits.

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He is the only emperor who doesn’t use devil fruits. However, his Haki is incredibly strong. Shanks is arguably the strongest Haki user in One Piece Verse at the moment.

Just like he has more haki than any other characters in the story, he also has far more mysteries surrounding his past, family, relationships, and objectives, compared to any other characters in One Piece.

Is Uta The Biological Daughter Of Shanks?

No, Uta, who was revealed in the One Piece Film Red, is not the biological daughter of Shanks.

Shanks found Uta bundled up in a treasure box when she was just a baby. Since the poor child had nowhere to turn to, Shanks took the responsibility to adopt her. The truth about Uta’s biological parents is still under wraps.