What is Rasengan Vortex in Boruto Chapter 82?

The latest chapter of Boruto Manga is almost upon us as it officially drops on September 21st. However, spoilers of the much anticipated Boruto Chapter 82 are already out, and fans are already buzzing with all the exciting revelations.

We will explore more about this second chapter, titled Two Blue Vortex, of the Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Manga in this article, while also discussing the Rasengan Vortex, the latest version of Rasengan invented by Uzumaki Boruto.

In Boruto Chapter 82…

The Boruto Chapter 82 begins with a rather tense interaction between Code and Uzumaki Boruto. Boruto seems very determined to take on Code and even kill him if it comes to that.

Despite this, he offers his opponent a choice to retreat peacefully without causing further trouble. Should Code refuse Young Lord’s offer, he won’t hesitate to take him down.

Boruto also mentioned the mysterious and horrifying power of Ten-tails with Code. Boruto asked Code not to treat Ten-tails casually suggesting he doesn’t realize the terrifying power of the ancient beast yet.

Lastly, in the final two pages of the Boruto Manga Chapter 82, we saw Boruto launch a new powerful Rasengan variation.

What is Rasengan Vortex in Boruto?

Rasengan Vortex is one of the newest as well as an advanced variations of the iconic Rasengan technique developed by Uzumaki Boruto. This variation of Rasengan is seen for the first time in Chapter 82 of Boruto Manga.

For creating Rasengan Vortex, Boruto combines his lightning chakra nature with Rasengan’s whirlpool motion to create a powerful spinning vortex of wind and lightning.

As seen in Chapter 82, the resulting vortex is capable of causing immense damage to anything and anyone that comes in contact with it.

We saw its destructive capability when Boruto used Rasengan Vortex for the first time to defeat Code’s powerful army of upgraded Claw Grimes. This new variation is unique and powerful and also demonstrates Boruto’s impressive growth as a Shinobi.

Rasengan Vortex
Rasengan Vortex

This technique is also a testament to Boruto’s creativity and ingenuity on the battlefield, as he was able to combine two natures to create something completely new and powerful.

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Similarities to Naruto’s Rasenshuriken

It could be possible that the Rasengan Vortex is inspired by Naruto’s Rasenshuriken Jutsu which also is the combination of Rasengan with lightning-natured chakra.

This being said, the Rasengan Vortex is much more powerful and destructive as it creates a compact vortex of wind and lightning capable of engulfing and destroying multiple targets at once.

The Rasengan Vortex is also likely to be more difficult to control and master than the Rasenshuriken given how it’s a more complex and volatile technique.

However, given Boruto’s intelligence and capability of grasping things at speed, he should be able to master the advanced variation in no time.

Overall, Rasengan Vortex is an advanced and versatile form of Rasenfan that has the potential to be Boruto’s signature attack. It will be interesting to see how Boruto continues to refine and improve this newly discovered technique in the future.

What happened in Boruto Chapter 81?

Boruto Chapter 81 finally came back on August 21 after the longest hiatus ever since the Manga’s serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump. In this chapter, we saw Uzumaki Boruto making a dramatic entrance to deliver a powerful kick on Codes’ face.

This particular moment set up the stage for the ultimate showdown fans had been waiting for quite a while, Code vs. Boruto. We also witnessed other critical changes such as Nara Shikamaru being the 8th Hokage of Hidden Leaf Village.

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