Boruto Chapter 5 Reveals Boruto & Sasuke Timeskip Flashback

Boruto & Sasuke Timeskip Flashback

According to the Boruto leaks for the upcoming Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Chapter 5, we have some unusual news.

This time around, it is not coming to us through Abdul, who is usually the first one to release the Boruto Manga Spoilers ahead of time, or other similar accounts like Lanna or OP Scans.

This time, the official Naruto Website itself shared a spoiler for the upcoming Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Chapter 5.

This is the first time in Naruto/Boruto Manga history that the official website themselves shared a lead for the forthcoming chapter. The leaks come directly from Shueisha, who not only own the rights to Naruto Manga Publication but also the entire IP rights.

A fully inked page portraying a time-skip flashback of Boruto and Sasuke has been uploaded on the Naruto Website.

Boruto & Sasuke Timeskip Flashback

In the time-skip flashback, we see Boruto Uzumaki dressing similarly to that of Sasuke. These events displayed in the leaks seem to have occurred at least a year after the events of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 80.

Keep in mind, that they decided to release this panel before the Jump Festa which takes in Japan over the next four days, thus this Boruto TBV Chapter 5 Spoiler is unique.

Going into the details of the panel shown in the flashback, Sasuke is seated on a boulder right next to Boruto. Remembering the old days, when Boruto Manga time-skip was still far away, the majority of the fans wanted Sasuke to train Boruto.

Now seeing that happening in real has fans thrilled and excited for sure. Fans cannot wait to see the training moments between Sasuke and Boruto.

Boruto During Timeskip

Now moving on to Boruto himself, for the first time in the Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Manga, we see him smiling. During the first four chapters of Boruto TBV, all we saw was a colder, and tougher version of Boruto Uzumaki.

Seeing him happy and smile like this in the flashback speaks volumes about his character, and lets everyone know that he still has hope.

Besides the emotional development, Boruto’s body seems to have developed physically as well. As per the details shown on the leaked page, he appears to have reached puberty. He is taller than before and also has longer hair.

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Regarding the Japanese text on the spoiler, Lanna on X provided a translation of the conversation between Sasuke and Boruto.

In the panel, Boruto is seen asking Sasuke, “How is my Uchiha Style? Say it Sasuke Ochhan. I think I have already mastered this technique.”

This conversation is interesting as it proves that Sasuke has been teaching Boruto Jutsu of the Uchiha Clan. He had previously taught him Shurinkenjutsu and also other Hidden Jutsu of the Uchihas.

Boruto on the other hand is adding his flair to the techniques, such as using his chakra nature, and lightning release.

You might mistake these Hidden Jutsu for inherent abilities such as wood release, ice release, and Sharingan. These inherent abilities are known as Kekkei Genkai in the Naruto Universe. These abilities cannot be passed down as they are hereditary.

What Sasuke has passed down to Boruto are the Hidden Jutsu such as fire-ball Justu. These are also the secret techniques of Uchiha Clan. They are passed down to other clan members either through scrolls, or hands-on instruction.

Sasuke Taught Boruto The Hidden Uchiha Clan Techniques

Boruto and Sasuke Timeskip Flashback
Boruto & Sasuke Timeskip Flashback

From the panel, it is very clear that Sasuke has been teaching Boruto many of these Uchiha Clan Secret Jutsus. We also see Boruto using words like dominated, indicating he has mastered a good number of those Jutsu.

Because of his current state, Sasuke is not together with his daughter, Sarada. Instead, he is being pursued by Code and his Ten Tails army. Sitting along with him is Boruto, who possesses another Monster Momoshiki within him, who under appropriate circumstances might take control of Boruto’s mind and body.

Because of the current limitations, Sasuke cannot teach powerful Uchiha techniques to Sarada. But at the very least, he can pass them down to his student, Boruto.

This panel from the leak also proves that Sasuke trusts Boruot, and is entirely on his side. He believes Boruto is right and has fully moved past the initial hesitation following the Otsutsuki encounter when he was sure that Kawaki was his student, and Boruto was an outcast.

This is another huge win for Boruto Uzumaki, as he was able to make new memories with Sasuke, and won back his trust in time of dire need.

Op Scans on X, formerly Twitter, mentioned that larger leaks will be coming soon. The chapter review will be available on the 21st.