How Did Shibai Otsutsuki Die In Boruto?

Shibai Otsutsuki is the only Otsutsuki God that has been revealed in the Boruto story. Shibai is undoubtedly the strongest character in the verse and he gained this immense power by harvesting chakra from dozens of planets around the Universe.

Ever since the Otsutsuki Clan was revealed in Naruto and Boruto lore, it is quite clear that members of this powerful alien race are on a different level when it comes to power levels. And Shibai Otsutsuki was the dude who sat not only at the top of this clan in terms of power hierarchy but also at the top of the world.

Boruto fans have been curious to know more about Shibai ever since he was introduced in the Manga. And now that Amado has revealed, Shibai Otsutsuki has ascended to a higher plane, fans can’t help but wonder where this divine entity is now.

Shibai Otsutsuki made his debut in the Boruto Manga a few chapters ago and has only been in the Anime for a brief amount of time. But his God-like appearance and powers, and his reputation as the strongest of all Otsutsuki made him a very intriguing figure for the fans.

Many fans want to know if Shibai Otsutsuki is dead or if is he still alive somewhere in the Universe. Some fans speculated that Shibai was killed by members of his own clan, which is the Otsutsuki Clan, while others went on to suggest that he transcended God’s realm by throwing his mortal body away.

This article will try to highlight various theories revolving around the whereabouts of Otsutsuki Shibai. We will try to take the details provided in the Anime and Manga and provide a comprehensive analysis.

How Did Shibai Otsutsuki Die In Boruto?

How Did Shibai Otsutsuki Die In Boruto?
How Did Shibai Otsutsuki Die In Boruto?

Shibai Otsutsuki discarded his mortal body and transcended to a higher realm. Shibai after consuming countless chakra fruits has attained godhood and has transcended to a relatively higher plane leaving behind his mortal remains and the mortal world.

Shibai discarding his physical body doesn’t mean that he is dead or perished. We are aware of the presence of different planes in Naruto and Boruto Story.

These dead planes are where the dead people reside. This was hinted at and displayed many times in the series. One such example is, Kakashi’s speaking with his dead Sakumo Hatake in the death plane after getting killed by Pain.

The White Fang of the Leaf waited for decades to be able to speak to his son and ask for his forgiveness. Fortunately for us fans, Kakashi didn’t remain dead as he was brought back to life with the Rinne ability.

Dead Plane is the final and ultimate stop for all mortals. However, after harvesting and consuming an insane amount of chakra fruits, Shibai Otsutsuki transcended to a plane where he could discard his mortal body and live as nothingness in a God Like form. Otsutsuki Shibai is beyond death.

Now you might be wondering why doesn’t Shibai just Hop back into the mortal plane again, but it’s not that simple. There is no mortal body that can handle the strain of someone as diving as Shibai.

Remember how Isshiki needed an overpowered vessel and even Jigen wasn’t perfect enough to unleash his full power? So it’s a similar case with Shibai as well. But here, finding a perfect vessel for Shibai is even more difficult as he is on a different level compared to Isshiki.

The transcended plane of existence is one level higher than the plane of death. For him to be able to get back to the mortal plane again, he needs a very special vessel. Even a strong living Otsutsuki wouldn’t be enough, and even if it were enough, there is still the requirement of their death.

Therefore, as it stands, until Shibai Otsutsuki finds the perfect host that can withstand the strain of godly powers, he cannot come back to the shinobi world or the mortal world.