How many Episodes Does Dark Have?

So how many how many episodes does Dark have? Can you binge watch this series within a week?
Get your concerns covered within next few paragraphs.

Dark is a German TV Series which had its debut in 2018. Since then 3 Total Seasons of Dark Series have been released, the third season being the Last or the Finale.
Throughout the watch of this show, us watchers were often at the edge of our seats.
So is Dark a Series you can binge watch quickly??

How many Episodes does Dark Have?

Over the course of Three Seasons, Dark has a total of 26 Episodes. The Episode distribution for each season is given below:

  • Dark Season 1 : 10 Episodes
  • Dark Season 2 : 8 Episodes
  • Dark Season 3 : 8 Episodes

Where can you Watch Dark Series?

You can watch Dark Series on Netflix. All three Seasons of Dark are available on Netflix Streaming Platform.

You can watch it on Netflix at your preferred language. For me, I always prefer shows on the original language that they were made. So I watched Dark on German Language with English Subtitles on. It comes to one’s preference at the end of the day.

How Long Will it take to Complete Dark Series?

Each Episode is an hour long. If you were to skip the intro and the end credits then average length of each episodes throughout the entirety of series would be almost 50 Minutes.
50 times 26 is 1300.

Hence, Dark has 1500 minutes of content at max even if you were to watch all the Intro and Outro. 1500 minutes converted to hours is 25 hours, that means 1 Complete day Plus 1 Hour.

Now let’s breakdown how long it would take an individual to complete this series if they watch for 6 hrs per day.

We have established that Dark is 25 hours long. Watching 6 hrs per day would mean, a person would complete the 24 hours worth of content within 4 days. And no-one loves cliffhangers right at the Finale… therefore majority of the watchers would watch the final one hour content also within the 4th day.

Therefore it’s very easy to binge watch Dark Series just within 4 days even if you were watching it for 6 hrs per day only

Now, if you have got nothing to do and will be at home all day then you could watch it for as long as you want until it’s time for bed. So yeah, you can even complete it in 3 days .

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