What Does Exp Mean On Hulu?

Been wondering What Does Exp Mean On Hulu? Worry not anymore, we got you covered!

If you have been using Hulu to stream your fav shows and movies, you might have come across this term Exp. So what does Exp mean on Hulu? We will be covering this concern of yours on todays article.

Hulu is one of the biggest streaming platforms alongside Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO and more. Since it is a very big streaming platform, Hulu has thousands of movies and shows inside it’s library.

However there is a very important point one has to understand regarding all the shows and movies streaming in these platforms. There’s no guarantee that all of the movies and TV shows will be available in the library of these streaming services forever.

Why you ask? Because these streaming services do not own the movies or TV shows in their library. Ofcourse there are original series of streaming services too, but majority of content on their library is not owned by them.

So to stream the TV shows and movies they do not own, streaming platforms have to have the licensing rights. They get these licensing rights by paying certain amount of money to the owner of the Movie or TV Show.

These Licensing rights also come with an expiry date. The expiry date for any movie or TV show signifies that they will be available to stream up until the expiry date only. After that, they will be removed.

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What does Exp Mean on Hulu?

Simply put, Exp on Hulu means that a particular TV Show or Movie which is currently available to stream on Hulu will expire soon.

This is a very reliable and important feature. It allows users to know when their favorite show is being removed from the platform. Hulu precisely gives a date before Exp so that it’s users can accurately know when the series expires. As explained above, the TV Shows or Movies expire most of the times because of the expiration of the licensing rights.

what does exp mean on Hulu?
what does exp mean on Hulu?

For Example….

What does Exp 13 days on Hulu mean?

Exp 13 days on Hulu means that, the content will expire from Hulu’s library after 13 days.

If you see something like, Exp 10 Days on Hulu, what does it mean? It simply means that the Movie or Show will be available to stream on Hulu for next 10 days only. After 10 days, the content will be removed from Hulu’s library.

If you see something like, Exp Today on Hulu, what does it mean? It means, the content is available in Hulu Today for the last time and then it’s gone.

Why do Movies and TV Shows Expire on Hulu?

Movies and TV Shows expire on Hulu because Hulu’s licensing rights with the movies and TV shows has ended or expired.

Expire as in being removed from Hulu’s library only. The expired series can still be accessed through other streaming platforms. Now you might wonder why do these licensing rights end? A streaming company has rights to stream a particular show or movie on its platform for a certain fixed time. The time is fixed on the contract. However once the contract is completed, the licensing rights expire.

The streaming platform have to pay again to be able to stream those movies/shows on their library. Now here’s a catch. If any other streaming service outbids the current streaming service which had the rights to stream the shows previously, then the owner of the Content ( Movies and TV Shows ) might just give the streaming rights to the highest bidder as there’s more profit on higher bid. This is the main reason why TV shows and movies expire on Hulu.

If Hulu is outbid by some other streaming service for streaming a particular TV Show or Movie, in this case also Hulu has to expire the Movies and TV Shows. It can no more put them inside it’s library.

what does exp mean on Hulu?
what does exp mean on Hulu?

Do Expired Movies or TV Shows Ever Come Back to Hulu Again?

Unless Hulu signs new contracts or has new licensing rights to the TV Shows or Movies it once previously owned, the expired movies and TV shows won’t come back.

This concludes today’s article on What does Exp Mean on Hulu? Hope your queries were correctly addressed!