What Does Migatte No Gokui Mean In Dragon Ball?

Been wondering about this question, What does Migatte No Gokui mean in Dragon Ball Universe? Well, worry not anymore.

Migatte No Gokui is a transcendental technique that Son Goku unlocked for the first time in the Dragon Ball Super Anime and Manga.

what does migatte no gokui mean

This technique Migatte No Gokui was first introduced in the story by Whis, the angel of Universe 7 in Dragon Ball Super. He specifically mentioned it to Goku and Vegeta while they were training under him to become stronger for the Tournament of Power.

According to Whis, Migatte No Gokui is a special technique that involves moving without thinking, allowing the body to reach itself instinctively to any situation whatsoever.

We saw this technique in use for the very first time during the Tournament Of Power Arc. Goku was the one who not only unlocked Migatte No Gokui during his battle against Jiren but ultimately went on to master it and defeat Jiren in the same tournament.

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What Does Migatte No Gokui Mean in English?

The term Migatte No Gokui is in Japanese. The English version of Migatte No Gokui translates to Ultra Instinct or Mastery of Self-Movement.

This technique is said to be very difficult to master, and this was proved within the Tournament when even the Gods of Destruction were absolutely astonished by seeing such incredible feats from Son Goku. Only a handful of characters within the Dragon Ball Verse have been able to master this technique.

In Dragon Ball Super Manga, the more advanced version of Migatte No Gokui is referred to as Ultra-Instinct Mastered in English. This part of the manga hasn’t been adapted into Anime yet. The Manga also provides information on the history of Ultra Instinct and how it came into being.

The Dragon Ball Super Manga revealed that it was Gods of Destruction who used the technique, Ultra Instinct for the first time.

The Goku vs Jiren final showdown where Goku used Migatte No Gokui was displayed in major cities like Tokyo, and New York on a billboard.

This is one of the most iconic techniques not only in Dragon Ball Franchise but in the entire Anime/Manga category. When the episodes of Tournament of Power were streaming, many streaming sites crashed because of the overflow of traffic.

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Goku using Ultra Instinct might not be as iconic as him going Super Saiyan for the first time, but again, what is even comparable to that Super Saiyan transformation right? That Super Saiyan moment is arguably the most iconic moment in Anime.

That being said, the Ultra Instinct moment is not that far behind, and this alone speaks volumes about how amazing it was to see UI (Ultra Instinct) Goku in action.