Assault Mode Meliodas Explained

I assume today you are here to understand more about Assault Mode Meliodas. This mode of Meliodas is one of the most overpowered forms in Seven Deadly Sins. Assault mode is also known as annihilation mode.

He has a very cool and badass appearance while in Assault Mode, therefore it’s only understandable that fans are always hyped and care much about this Mode. We see Assault Mode for the first time in Season 3. Of course the season 3 of Seven Deadly Sins has had it’s own share of problems, and majority of it being the Animation Quality. Anyway we are here to discuss about Meliodas’s Assault Mode today. So lets get started….

So What exactly is Assault Mode Meliodas?

Assault Mode Meliodas is a state reached by Meliodas when he unleashes his demonic powers to the fullest, achieving immense amount of power. While in Assault Mode form, Meliodas can use his powers to full extent.

As stated by Melascula, when Meliodas was still one of the Ten Commandments in the past days, even the commandments feared Mel, when he was in Assault Mode Form. Why? Because, Assault Mode has a huge disadvantage or drawback should I say. Even his friends are not safe when he is in Assault Mode.

The Assault Mode robs Meliodas of all his emotions, feelings and judgement abilities. And Meliodas is reverted back to how he was before the Demon Clan betrayal.

Not only his demon circle, but even the Gods feared Meliodas when he was in Assault Mode. Melascula said that, once Mel broke free from her Coccoon of Darkness, it was all over.

Why does Meliodas go into the Assault Mode?

We see Assault Mode Meliodas for the first time when he attempts to break free of Melasculas Antan no Mayu. In an desperate attempt to break free from Melascula, Mel unleashes his demonic powers to the full extent. Eventually he regains his full power as he has now already entered the Assault Mode Form.

Assault Mode has massive increase in physical capabilities as well as raw power. Assault Mode Meliodas was so powerful that, he easily outmatched Escanor in their battle even when Escanor’s power was increasing with every second.

He was powerful up to the point that he was able to toy with the Sin of Pride, Escanor! Diane noted this fact and the result was clearly visible in the battle too. None of Escanor’s attacks had any impact on Assault Mode Meliodas. Meliodas was defeated only when Escanor reached his pea as The One.

Even after being defeated and injured badly against Escanor, he was able to recover quickly. When in assault mode form, his power is set to be greater than all of the four archangels.

What’s Meliodas’s Power Level in Assault Mode?

According to Gowther, Meliodas’s power level in Assault Mode is stated to be 142,000. Keep in mind that Assault mode Meliodas has more power level than stated above when he was still within the Ten Commandments.

Is Assault Mode Meliodas powerful than the Demon King Meliodas?

No! Assault mode Meliodas is nowhere near as strong as the Demon King Form of Meliodas. After Meliodas absorbs all of the Ten Commandments, he achieves God Level Powers.

In Demon King Form, Mel’s power level is assumed to anywhere between 300000 to 400000. This power level is more than twice the power level of Assault Mode Form which is 142000.

When we are talking about power levels and domination of each form of Meliodas, the ranking of his forms would be something like this ….

  • Berserk Mode Meliodas – The least powerful form
  • Assault Mode Meliodas vs Escanor
  • Assault Mode Meliodas – When he was the Ten Commandment’s Leader
  • Demon King Meliodas – The Most Powerful Form

Doesn’t matter even if Assault Mode isn’t the strongest form. It’s without any doubt one of the most badass transformations ever….

All Hail Assault Mode Meliodas