Hunter x Hunter: What Episode Does Kurapika Fight Uvogin?

In what Episode does Kurapika fight Uvogin? If you have been wondering about the same query and want to revisit this iconic battle not only in Hunter x Hunter but also in Anime, then you are at the right place.

The showdown between Kurapika Kurta and Uvogin in Hunter x Hunter is one of the most memorable fights in this series. Ever since the introduction of Kurapika, his character was built up to take on the members of the Phantom Troupe. And finally, in the York New City arc, the destined battle happens.

Kurapika fights Uvogin in Episode 47 of Hunter x Hunter Anime. In this episode, we see Kurapika taking on one of the strongest Spiders in Uvogin. Previously before the battle between these two started, the Shadow Beasts tried to eliminate the Phantom Troupe members.

However, it ended disastrously for the Shadow Beast as only a single member of the Troupe, which was Uvogin toyed around with them and murdered them brutally.

The Phantom Troupe

The Phantom Troupe who also goes by the alias, Spiders, are a group of thieves in the Hunter x Hunter Series. They are known for their ruthlessness, brutality, and their ability to steal valuables without any trace. The group is made up of 13 members with each member possessing unique Nen skills and abilities.

Chrollo Lucifer is the Leader of the Spiders and he has one of the most unique and powerful Nen abilities. His Nen power allows him to steal the abilities of other Nen users. The Phantom Troupe usually operates in a two-man squad. However, some members like Uvogin who are very proud prefer taking their opponents alone.

What Episode Does Kurapika Fight Uvogin?

In Episode 47 of the Hunter x Hunter 2011, the awaited battle between Kurapika and one of the strongest Phantom Troupe members, Uvogin takes place. The Kurapika vs Uvogin episode is titled, Condition x And x Condition and aired for the first time on September 16th, 2012.

What Episode Does Kurapika Fight Uvogin

The Episode is all about Kurapika taking revenge for his fallen brethren by confronting the Spider on the outskirts of Yorknew City. The intense and iconic battle between these two powerful Nen users ended in Uvogin’s defeat.

About Uvogin

Uvogin is a large, muscular guy with superhuman strength. He is capable of withstanding the most powerful attacks without suffering any damage. He is introduced for the first time in the series during the York New City Arc.

He is a very formidable opponent and a valuable member of the Spiders. His superhuman strength, unwavering determination, and loyalty to his comrades make him a force to be reckoned with.

During his battle against Kurapika, although he seemed very confident in his abilities at the beginning, he soon realizes the danger he is in. Kurapika’s Nen ability, Chain Jail allows him to capture Uvogin and prevent him from using his Nen powers. Even with his Superhuman strength, he is not able to break out of Kurapika’s Chain Jail.

Despite being on the verge of defeat, Uvogin refuses to give up any information about the Spiders or their future plans. Kurapika proceeds to torture him to extract the information, but Uvogin remains steadfast until the very end, refusing to betray the Phantom Troupe.

As a last resort, Kurapika using his powers puts a chain around his heart. He places a condition such that if Uvogin were to lie about any questions he asked, his heart would shatter. As Uvogin has already accepted his defeat and was ready to die, he didn’t give up any information and died immediately by getting his heart crushed.

Why Kurapika Hates Spiders

What Episode Does Kurapika Fight Uvogin

Kurapika Kurta is a very emotional and serious character with a sad past. When he was first introduced in the manga, he stated that the only reason he wants to become a Hunter is to get revenge against the Spiders, a group of villains in Hunter x Hunter responsible for the annihilation of the Kurta Clan.

Kurapika is the sole survivor of the massacre and his only aim is to finish every Phantom Troupe members who were responsible for the death of his people. One thing that made the Kurta Clan very valuable to the outsiders was their scarlet eyes that glowed whenever they experience intense emotions.

Unfortunately, Phantom Troupe crossed roads with the Kurta Clan and killed all but one member of the Clan leaving Kurapika as the sole survivor. This led Kurapika to develop a deep hatred and anger against all the Spiders and swore to avenge all his fallen brethren.

His obsession to bring down all the Spiders is so intense that he even put his own life at risk to capture and kill them. Kurapika despite looking sad and very emotional most of the time is very ruthless in his pursuit of vengeance, and nothing will stop him to bring justice to his fallen Clan.

Another reason why Kurapika hates Spiders so much is because of the way they kill innocents without feeling any remorse in their hearts. The Spiders kill people for fun and are a big threat to people wherever they go. Hence Kurapika sees Spiders as a group of evil animals that need to be brought to justice.

In short, Kurapika Kurta’s determination to kill all the spiders is not only fueled by his desire for revenge for his Clan but also by his sense of duty as a member of the Hunter Association.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What Episode Does Kurapika Fight Uvogin?

Kurapika fights Uvogin in Episode 47 of the Hunter x Hunter Anime, 2011 Version.

What Episode Does Uvogin Die?

Uvogin dies in Episode 47 of The Hunter x Hunter during his battle against Kurapika Kurta.

Before being killed against Kurapika, Uvogin managed to annihilate all members of the Shadow Beasts on his own in a brutal fashion.

How did Kurapika Kill Uvogin?

Kurapika killed Uvogin by crushing his heart with the help of his judgment chain.