Bleach: Who Is Tessai Tsukabishi? Explained

If you have wondering about this query, Who Is Tessai Tsukabishi In Bleach, then you are at the right place to get a detailed answer. He is a character in Bleach Manga who was introduced in the beginning episodes of the series.

Tessai Tsukabishi

Tessai was the captain of Kido Corps in Soul Society before he was banished and stripped of all his Shinigami powers by Central 46 along with Urahara Kisuke. After getting banished from his home, he lived with Kisuke in an untraceable Gigai in the Human World.

He is a stern, quiet, and level-headed guy who often acts as a source of discipline to Jinta’s mischiefs in Urahara’s Shop. He is also the master of various powerful techniques like Kido, Hakuda.

He is one of the most powerful Kido users in the Bleach series and is also a skilled practitioner of the Hakuda technique. His skills and abilities make him a formidable opponent in close-combat battles.

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Who Is Tessai Tsukabishi In Bleach?

Tessai Tsukabishi is the Childhood friend of both Kisuke Urahara and Yoruichi Shihoin. He is very loyal to his friends, and allies. He is always shown taking care of Urahara’s shop and bursting into tears whenever someone compliments his work.

As already stated, the best traits of this tall muscular man are his loyalty, and dedication to his nakama and allies. Ever since he was banished from Soul Society, he worked at Urahara’s shop, a place that sells spiritual artifacts and supernatural items.

Despite being exiled from his home, he still possesses the immense skill and abilities of a Shinigami. He is the master of Kido and has immense strength and durability. Tessai is also great when it comes to hand-to-hand combat and can take multiple opponents at once.

He is often seen disciplining the two kids, Ururu and Jinta, who work at Urahara’s shop. Irrespective of his strict demeanor, Tessai has a soft side and deeply cares about those who are close to him. He takes pride in his work at the shop.

Tessai Tsukabishi Role In Bleach

Tessai is a loyal associate of Urahara and serves as the primary caretaker of his shop in the Human World. He ensures that everything is in order and running smoothly in the shop while also looking after the two mod souls, Ururu and Jinta, who work at the shop.

Tessai is often seen working behind the scenes to help Urahara, Yoruichi, and his allies. His expertise in Kido makes him a valuable asset to his allies. He also excels in using his abilities to perform a range of tasks from healing battle wounds to creating strong barriers.

His loyalty to Urahara is unwavering & is willing to do whatever it takes to protect Urahara and his friends from harm’s way. Overall he is a calm and collected character with impressive Kido abilities under his belt making him an important ally to Urahara and his friends.

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Abilities and Powers Of Tessai Tsukabishi

Tessai is a highly skilled Shinigami with a wide range of abilities and powers. When it comes to power, he is best known for his proficiency in Kido, Hakuda, & Tessho techniques.

Tessai Tsukabishi is the founder of Tessho Technique in Bleach. A powerful technique where he uses his palm to shatter a Hollow’s head with one strike.

Some of his most impressive abilities are listed below:

  • Tessai is a Kido Master. He is considered to be one of the most proficient Kido users in Bleach. With Kido, he can use advanced spells for various purposes like combat, defense, and healing.
  • Tessai is also an expert in the Hakuda technique. He uses his physical strength & agility to fight opponents in close combat. His primary weapons of choice are swords and staff.
  • He has immense strength and durability, can easily withstand powerful attacks, and lift heavy objects with ease.
  • Tessai is also the inventor of the Tessho technique. A powerful open-palm strike that can effortlessly shatter a Hollow’s head with one strike.

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