Bleach: Why Did Yoruichi Leave Soul Society?

Why Did Yoruichi Leave Soul Society? If you have been wondering about the same query then look no further.

Why Did Yoruichi Leave Soul Society

Yoruichi Shihōin is among the most popular characters in the Bleach Series. She is one of the most beloved characters in Bleach, and fans are always eager to learn more about this badass shinigami.

She is the former captain of the Second division of the Gotei 13 but left the Soul Society under mysterious circumstances. Bleach fans have always been curious regarding the reason which made her abandon her position as a captain in the Gotei 13, and leave Soul Society altogether.

While the exact reason which made Yoruichi Shihōin leave Soul Society has not been explicitly stated in the Bleach series, there are still some hints sprinkled in the manga. Fans have also come up with their own theories and speculations regarding this matter.

Yoruichi’s Background In the Bleach Series

To know the possible reasons behind her departure from the Soul Society, let us revisit her background in the Bleach Series. Yoruichi was not only the Captain of the 2nd Division of Gotei 13 but also the former commander-in-chief of the Onmitsukido.

She comes from the Shihōin Clan and is best known in the series for her exceptional combat skills, speed, and, agility. The Shihōin she was born into is one of the 4 great noble clans of the Soul Society.

Her father was the head of the clan, so Yoruichi automatically was the head of this Clan until she decided to leave Soul Society for good. She grew up alongside Urahara Kisuke, her childhood friend, and also the former captain of the 12th Division of Gotei 13. Kisuke has a huge impact on Yoruichi’s decision to leave Soul Society. So keep reading to know more.

She was a prodigy from a very young age and quickly rose in ranks and became one of the most skilled Shinigami. Despite the success and the respect she had from other Captains and Shinigami in Soul Society, she was not content with how things were run in the Soul Society. This led Yoruichi to make a big decision that would change her life forever.

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Why Did Yoruichi Leave Soul Society?

Yoruichi and Kisuke Urahara

As already stated above, Yoruichi was not satisfied with the way leaders of the Gotei 13 were running things. She believed the leaders were rather egoistic and selfish, and didn’t work for the protection and welfare of the Soul Society.

Some of the most obvious reasons which made Yoruichi leave Soul Society are listed below:

  • Conflict and dissatisfaction with the Central 46
  • To Protect Kisuke and Tessai in the Human World
  • Because of her desire for freedom

Conflict with Central 46

One of the biggest reasons which made Yoruichi leave the Soul Society is Central 46. If you are not familiar with Central 46, they are basically an upper-level group that serves as the judicial authority in the Soul Society.

The Central 46 are appointed by the 4 noble families and directly operate under a mandate from the Soul King. They have a huge influence and have the authority to banish or execute anyone in Soul Society.

Central 46 compound is arguably the most restricted area in the Seireitei which serves as the headquarters of Central 46. As you all know, Kisuke was banned from Soul Society by C46. He was wrongly accused of conducting hollowfication experiments that caused dozens of casualties.

Urahara along with Tessai were wrongly accused and were brought infront of Central 46 as criminals. These two Shinigami were stripped of all of their spiritual powers before they were exiled to the human world.

As Yoruichi grew up with Kisuke and Tessai ever since she was a child, she was sure that her friends were innocent. She disagreed with the decision made by Central 46 and eventually decided to leave the place of her own will.

Protection of Her Friends & Desire For Freedom

Yoruichi is very close with Kisuke Urahara and both of these characters have mutual trust and respect among each other. Yoruichi perhaps left Soul Society to aid her friends who were stripped of their powers by being wrongly accused of a crime they didn’t commit. Hence she decided to live with Urahara and Tessai in the human world to ensure their safety as well as help Kisuke in his future endeavors.

Another reason why Yoruichi decided to leave Soul Society is being she felt she was being caged there with all the rules and regulations. As someone who was born into a noble clan, she was expected to follow every rule and regulation. But she is someone who always yearned for freedom and adventure. And leaving Soul Society would allow Yoruichi to explore the world and live life on her own terms.

Source: Fandom Wiki and Bleach Manga!