7 Best Football Games For Android: The Best Picks for Mobile Gamers

Football is arguably the greatest sport in the world.

With over billions of fans all over the globe, it’s no surprise that many fans of this beautiful sport want to experience the game on their mobile devices as well.

Today we are here to make things easier for you. It must be very difficult for users to pick the best game as there are dozens of those on the Google Play Store.

Worry Not Anymore! We have compiled a list of best football games available on Android platform right now.

Doesn’t matter if you are a hardcore football fan who has been following the game for quite a while now, or just a casual fan who wants to take on the experience of controlling your favorite players on the field and score amazing goals, these games below are for everyone.

From high quality graphics, realistic simulations to advanced control mechanisms, the games offer a wide range of features to keep you entertained for hours without ever getting bored.

So without any further ado, let’s dive straight into our top picks.

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Best Football Games For Android

FIFA Soccer

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FIFA Soccer is the mobile version of the widely popular FIFA game from EA Sports. The game just like its console counterpart, has amazing graphics, realistic gameplay and different modes.

One of the most amazing things about FIFA soccer that makes it stand out among the rest is its availability of majority of real world players and football clubs.

You can easily select your favorite team as your primary team and compete against other players online.

FIFA Soccer also offers various gaming modes like: quick match mode, domestic league and tournaments. In addition to all this, the game also has a wide range of customization options.

Overall, FIFA Soccer is a solid choice for any football/soccer fan looking for a great football experience in the palm of their hands.

PES 2023

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Next on our list is PES 2023 (Pro Evolution Soccer 2023) by Konami. PES has been a one of the favorites among soccer fans as it has been around for quite a long time now.

Just like FIFA, PES is also popular for its stunning graphics, simplistic controls and realistic gameplay.

One of the standalone features of this game is its wider room for customizations. Gamers can edit their player’s appearance, abilities, stats etc.

Just like FIFA, PES also has many licensed teams and players which automatically adds to the authenticity of the game.

Different gaming modes included are: Online multiplayer mode, exhibition game, friendly games, cup games and more.

PES is an amazing game and you should definitely try it out if you looking for something realistic with good graphics and smooth controls.

Score! Hero

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Score! Hero is not your typical football game where you play against your opponents and score more to win the game.

Instead it is a game, where you just need to get the ball inside the net from a certain distance from the goal beating any defenders in-between.

This game comes from the developers of Dream League Soccer and also has over 100M downloads on Play Store. Just like DLS, it is free to play, however in-game purchases are available.

In this game, you don’t create a team, instead you create your own football player. Then you guide him through several levels which will help him become a hero.

As it stands, the game has over 1000+ levels. Each level is difficult than the previous one and offers a different challenge which your hero has to overcome.

Speaking of game controls, they are quite simple. You are just required to swipe the screen to pass or shoot the ball.

Score! Hero’s amazing graphics and animations are another reasons which make it very appalling to the mobile gamers. It is a must try game for football fans.

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Dream League Soccer 2023

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Dream League Soccer has been one of the most popular and top grossing football games for the mobile gamers for some time now.

This game’s first ever version came out in year 2014.

Since then, First Touch Games, the official developer of DLS have provided mobile gamers with updated version of game every year.

As it stands, the game can be downloaded from Google Play Store and even Apple App Store for free.

Currently the game is titled Dream League Soccer 2023 and has over 100M total downloads. The game is totally free to play for all users. However, in-game purchases are available which might help uplift your team in a less time.

When it comes to Football games, DLS has always been one of my favorites. The game isn’t that heavy and can smoothly run on majority of the smartphones.

Besides this, the game offers so much and there is loads you can do within the game to keep yourself entertained.

There are various modes like:

  • Career Mode
  • Friendly Over Local Wifi
  • Online Multiplayer with players all over the world
  • Special Events Every now and then

You can buy real world players with real faces from the transfer market. You can also sell players you don’t require anymore. In exchange of the players you sell, you get a coach in return.

Gamers also have the ability to increase and develop their players in every department such as: shooting, speed, passing, creativity and more.

You also have the ability to customize your kits, your players and even your stadium. Other amazing thing about kits is, you can download the official kit of your favorite football club or national team.

Overall, DLS 2023 is an excellent football game for Android gamers. It is arguably the best game available on play store right now based on what it offers compared to other games on this list.

Football Manager 2023

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This is the mobile version of the popular PC football game, Football Manager. As the name of the game suggests, it allows you to manage your football club.

As a manager, you have various rules you ought to follow to succeed and tasks to complete in the club.

You are needed to not only follow those rules but also implement them effectively so that you can lead your team to glory come end of the season.

You can create as well as manage your own football club, sign new players and implement tactics to lead your team to glory.

The most amazing thing about Football Manager is that, it consists of a comprehensive database of real life football clubs and players.

As a manager, you are also responsible for some financial aspects like transfer in and transfer out of players.

If you want to see the results of your team without wanting to wait for the season to be over, you can easily simulate the entire season.

With this feature, you can see where your team seats on the table at the end of the season and helps you focus on the strategic side of managing a club.

The game graphics is top notch and runs smoothly on most Android devices. Overall, if you are a football fan and love the strategic side of Football Management, then Football Manager is the best game for you.

Top Eleven 2023

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Top Eleven 2023, just like other games on this list, is a free to play football game available on Google Play Store. The game has been around for several years and has over 100M downloads.

TE 2023 also allows you to build your own football club, buy new players and sell the current ones not necessary anymore. Unlike other games on this list, it has a bit of depth too.

You are required to manage different aspects of the game including your team’s finances, stadium and training facilities. You can compete against players in other leagues and tournaments, which makes it very interesting.

The game is constantly being updated with new features. One great thing about this game is, developers always listen to the feedback from their community and try to improve on those.

Top Eleven 2023 is definitely a game to try on if you love football.

Soccer Super Star

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Soccer Super Star is another popular football game available on Play Store. You can download the game for free and start playing it right away.

And of course, just like many other games on this list, Soccer Super Star also provides in-game purchases.

This game shares similar functionality and gaming experience to First Touch’s Score! Hero. In Soccer Super Star, you pass through several levels within the game to be the star of your football team.

The gaming controls are simple too. You just need to guide the ball into the net by swiping it with your fingers.

The game offers different customization features like editing your player’s name, kits and cleats. As popular and as loved this game is worldwide, it’s understandable that it has millions of downloads on the play store.

Vive le Football

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Vive le Football is another game that made to out list for Best football games for android.

Despite being very popular and applauded by many, this game still hasn’t made it to the Google Play Store.

Therefore, in order to play this game, you got to download the apk file and install the game thereafter.

Vive le Football comes from the popular game developers, NetEase. This game has the official FifPro license’s and uses real world player names, club names and club logos.

Therefore you can expect this game to be of similar size like FIFA Mobile or PES 2023.

The main reason this game was able to win the hearts of many gamers in a short span, is because of its focus on mobile gaming. FIFA and PES are console games and don’t give as much priority to their mobile versions.

However this game provides much detail and looks more professional compared to FIFA/PES.

Another amazing thing about Vive le Football is, the game doesn’t take place in actual stadiums but in other magical places. The commentary is also very good and sound realistic.

This concludes our today’s list for best football games on Android. We hope, you will be select from one of these games and enjoy scoring some great goals.