Boruto Chapter 79 Surpasses One Piece Views On Mangaplus

The Chapter 79 of the Boruto manga proved to be quite effective not only for the plot of the series but for its overall popularity as well.

This chapter has been the talk of the town for quite a while now and many fans believe it to be the turning point of the series. Even Anime fans who didn’t care much about Boruto previously have started to take interest on it.

Boruto Chapter 79 has surpassed One Piece manga views on MangaPlus and now sits at second position below Chainsawman Manga.

Boruto Chapter 79 Surpasses One Piece Manga
Boruto Chapter 79 Surpasses One Piece Manga Views

What happens in Boruto chapter 79?

This chapter delivers one of the biggest plot twist in the story.

The most noteworthy plot in Boruto’s storytelling to yet was initiated by Eida. She was able to use Otsutsuki’s divine abilities to change the course of history.

Momoshiki goes on to say that the method she employed was unquestionably a Shinjutsu and that it allowed her to change everyone’s memories throughout the world. In a sense, Kawaki and Boruto have now traded places.

After the events of Chapter 79, everyone in the naruto/boruto verse believes that Kawaki is now the 7th Hokage’s son, and that he goes by the name Kawaki Uzumaki.

Since Kawaki and Boruto switched places, Boruto has now taken Kawaki’s role as the stranger who needed rescue from Naruto Uzumaki. The whole city of Konoha remembers Boruto as an impolite youngster who murdered the 7th Hokage to repay his kindness.

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What will happen to Boruto Uzumaki?

Boruto’s future seems very dark at the moment. Everything boruto held dear to his life has all been lost. He is now an outside in his own village.

Right now, every shinobi in the boruto world is against him, and he has lost everything he valued in the world, exactly as Momoshiki had said.

Remember the time when Momoshiki Otsutsuki said to boruto, ” those blue eyes will take everything away from you”. At the moment in time, we thought he was talking about Boruto’s Jougan.

But after chapter 79, we realize that wasn’t quite the case. Momoshiki was talking about Eida and her omnipotence power during that conversation. It is Eida’s blue eyes that took everything away from boruto as she wall able to rewrite history using Shinjutsu skills.