How did Nnoitra die in Bleach?

If you have been wondering about how did Nnoitra die in Bleach, then you are at the right place for a correct answer. Nnoitra Gilga was one of the strongest Espada in the Universe of Bleach Ani-Manga Series, written by Mangaka Tite Kubo.

Before answering your question, lets establish a quick background of Nnoitra in Bleach Anime…

Who is Nnoitra in Bleach?

Nnoitra Gilga

Nnoitra Gilga was the Espada number 5 in Aizen Sosuke’s army. He was an arrancar and followed Aizen’s commands. His previous rank in Espada was 8th. These ranks determine the power and authority of members in Espada.

Hence its fair to say that Nnoitra was the 5th Strongest Espada in Hueco Mundo. The main goal of Nnoitra was to be the strongest member of Espada. However he couldn’t complete this goal as he faced death during the Hueco Mundo Arc in Bleach.

Nnoitra comes off as an extremely crude, proud and sadistic person. Voracious bloodlust, unrestrained sadism, and thirst for war are some of his most noticeable traits. Nnoitra believed that dying on his own two feet while drowning in his own blood would be the most satisfying way to pass away.

He always worked to get stronger since fighting is his way of life, and he feels grateful to Sosuke Aizen for letting him go beyond his natural fighting boundaries.

How did Nnoitra Die in Bleach?

Nnoitra died in his battle against Zaraki Kenpachi. Kenpachi killed Nnoitra by taking the eye patch and by using Kendo with two hands. After killing him, Kenpachi thanked Nnoitra for a really good fight.

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In his later moments during his battle with Kenpachi Zaraki, Nnoitra starts to show signs of weakness and desperation, and becomes increasingly frustrated on himself for not being able to overpower the powerful captain.

Quick Facts About Nnoitra

NameNnoitra Gilga
BirthdayNovember 11
Height215 cm
AffiliationAizen’s Arrancar Army
Base of OperationLas Noches
Hueco Mundo
Team Espada
Espada Number5th Espada
Former Espada Number8th Espada
First Appearance in
Episode Number 138 of Bleach Anime
First Appearance in
Volume 26, Chapter 229 of Bleach Manga
Japanese Voice ActorNobutoshi Canna
English Voice
Michael Sinterniklaas
Quick Facts about Nnoitra Gilga

Does Nnoitra have the Strongest Hierro in Espada?

Yes, Nnoitra had the Title of  the strongest Hierro in all of Arrancar (including all the past and current Espada), which allowed him to endure nearly any attack without showing any signs of damage.

However after battling with Nnoitra for some time, Kenpachi Zaraki eventually discovered what was required to harm his Hierro. He sharpened his Reiatsu in order to cut through Nnoitra’s Hierro, proving that while his Hierro is powerful, all the opponent needs to do to defeat it is “adapt” to its density with their own Reiatsu.

Nnoitra also seemed to have a problem with women or girl who were in higher position than him or his superiors.

One of the women Nnoitra abused horribly was Orihime. For whatever reason, Nnoitra is immediately antagonistic and will act against any woman or girl who behaves or appears to be his superior. He had frequent disagreements with Nel in the past because of this.

He previously made fun of Halibel during the Espada meeting, and also referred to Orihime as a simple pet.