Zoro’s Scar Explained! How did Zoro get the Scar on his Left Eye?

How did Zoro get the Scar on his Left Eye?  One of the essential things that shocked many One Piece fans after the Time-skip was Zoro’s Scar on his left eye.

And many of us One Piece fans at that instance wondered if Zoro did blind his left eye. Zoro is on his way to becoming the Greatest Swordsman of All-time, surpassing even the Legendary Dracule Mihawk. 

But imagine him losing an eye. It would be a disadvantage for a swordsman like Zoro as it hinders the perception of vision and weakens your focusing ability while in a battle.

Of course, there may be another reason why Zoro prefers to have his left eye closed. Maybe Zoro unlocked some new power while training with Mihawk but couldn’t control the power that resides in his left yet back then. 

This also might be why Zoro’s Scar appeared right after the Time-skip. Perhaps something like this happened: The power his left eye produced was uncontrollable and was starting to take over him, and the only option Zoro had to save himself was to cut his vision to stop the takeover process. 

Now here is an exciting theory on Zoro’s Left Eye! 

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Zoro’s Scar Explained! What’s in Zoro’s Left Eye? 

Zoro’s left eye contains a demon that used to reside on his cursed sword, Sandai Kitetsu. 

Let’s rewind a little. Things started brewing in Loguetown when Zoro got his hand on The Sandai Kitetsu, a cursed demon splitter sword. Here is a quick flashback to a manga panel from Loguetown. As you can see, both Zoro and the Shop owner knew that The Sandai Kitetsu was a cursed sword.

Zoro’s Scar On His Left Eye | One Piece Theory
Zoro’s Scar On His Left Eye | One Piece Theory

Sandai Kitetsu’s name suggests that it splits demons, but how? Because the sword itself contains a monster. And it’s also stated that no one in the world uses this sword now. All the sworders who wielded the Sandai Kitetsu before died mysteriously. This has a direct connection with the Demon residing within the blade. 

Now, moving on from Loguetown, let’s revisit Alabasta too. In the fight against Daz Bones, Zoro uses Haki unconsciously for the first time in the series. 

Swords and Haki have a deep connection. Enma, wielded by Zoro right now, drains the Haki of the user. Even Luffy got his eyes on Nidai Kitetsu in Wano by simply sensing the Haki stored on it. Therefore Haki is a way for a user to connect their sword. 

Now let’s go back to that battle against Daz Bones. When Zoro’s Haki flowed into the sword, the Demon residing in the Sandai Kitetsu awoke and tasted Zoro’s power. Zoro, after that fight, was tired and had almost no strength left after that right. 

Fortunately, the Demon couldn’t take over Zoro back then. Why? Because it’s not about physical strength but about willpower, and Zoro’s resolve and thirst to become the world’s greatest swordsman are far more significant than the Demon’s will to take over Zoro.

Now fast forward to Ennies Lobby when Zoro fought Kaku from CP9. Zoro was angry at CP9 as they abducted Robin out of her will. Even his opponent Kaku could sense the demon power oozing out from the sword. 

What’s on Zoro’s Left eye?

He then used what is likely a demon technique to defeat this CP9 fellow. He called this technique ASHURA. So, what’s Ashura, and why is it a demon technique? In some religious mythologies, Ashura is a demon god with 3 Faces and 6 Arms, and Zoro’s appearance was exactly like this when he used the Ashura to finish off Kaku. 

Zoro’s Scar On His Left Eye | One Piece Theory
Zoro’s Scar On His Left Eye | One Piece Theory

How did Zoro get the Scar on his Left Eye? 

Ashura demons love violence and destruction. So, whoever wielded the Kitetsu before Zoro got taken over. They were taken over by Ashura while in a battle and eventually killed. This explains the mysterious deaths of all those swordsmen who had custody of Sandai Kitetsu. 

However, Zoro’s willpower always resisted the Demon from taking over. Besides this, Zoro was fully aware of the Demon from the very start, and he only used a portion of the Demon’s power while letting the Demon reside in his left eye as he wielded the Sandai Kitetsu in his left arm.

All the previous owners of this sword, in hunger to win the battle, let the Demon win over them without realizing that would be the end for themselves. 

We have arrived at the main event, Zoro’s two years of training with one of the former Shichibukia’s of World Government, Dracule Mihawk. What possibly could have happened during the movement resulting in such a scar on Zoro’s left eye? 

There are two possible explanations for what might have happened. Let’s talk about the first possible reason. Maybe Zoro was pushing himself too hard and subconsciously started using a considerable portion of the Demon’s power. 

His hunger to get stronger fast and the urge to complete all the challenges given by Mihawk made him desperate. This desperation led to a mistake. He let go of the Demon completely. 

Then the Demon saw the perfect opportunity to take over Zoro while unconscious. Perhaps Mihawk was observing his actions from some distance away. 

When Mihawk saw Zoro in an unconscious state and sensed that he was minutes away from getting taken over by the Demon, he realized the severity of the situation. He slashed Zoro’s left eye where the Demon was residing. This is how Zoro got the Scar on his left eye. 

Now, let’s move forward to the second possible explanation: 

How did Zoro get the Scar on his Left Eye? 

How did Zoro get the scar on his left eye?
How did Zoro get the scar on his left eye?

Zoro is a man with a strong sense of pride, and he likes to win battles with his own strength without borrowing power from others. Therefore, Zoro slashed his left eye to lock the Demon inside his eye. This is how he got the Scar on his left eye. 

However, there is perhaps more that might have happened. 

Zoro, who wants to become the greatest swordsman in the world, knows how incredible this demonic power is. It, without any doubt, will be an awesome addition to his arsenal of techniques. Therefore Zoro decided to make this power his own instead of sealing it forever in his left eye. 

To gain control over the Demon, Zoro started training with it, exposing its power little by little. However, at a certain point, most probably in the last six months of the two years, Zoro exposed a bit too much of the Demon’s power in an attempt to get more stable control over the Demon. 

This backfired horribly and was the opposite of what Zoro was trying to accomplish. The demonic power ended up trying to consume his mind setting him on a path of unstoppable violence and destruction. Zoro finally got hold of his right arm, and at that instant, he himself slashed his left eye. 

In summary, in both of the possible scenarios, the Ashura Demon tried to take control over Zoro’s body and mind but ultimately failed and ended up residing or taking control over his left eye only. 

That’s when Zoro decided to keep his left eye closed until he became strong enough to unleash this power and fully control it.