One Piece Giant Shadows And Florian Triangle Mystery

Today we would like to address the fans who want to know everything about One Piece Giant Shadows and the Florian Triangle Mystery. Therefore we will be shining some light on that foggy place called the Florian Triangle.

But first, lets answer your doubts regarding the Giant Shadows we saw just before the crew reached Sky Island…

What are One Piece Giant Shadows?

Before Luffy and Crew headed to the Sky Island, they saw Three Giant Shadows with Wings. So, what are these One Piece Giant Shadows???

The Three Giant Shadows are the shadows of Shandorians from Sky Island.

When the sunlight is blocked by people standing very high in the sky, the shadows of these people cast on the fog below will be very big. Yes! Big enough for people to mistake them as Giants. This is the main reason why we fans as well as why Luffy and Crew saw such Big Shadows.

Florian Triangle Mystery

We are aware of the fact that great writers include folklore, tales, legends and myths into their works. Hence Oda has also used many legends, myths, gods and deities from around the world. Some of the examples would be, Pluton, Poseidon, Shandora based on El Dorado which is also known as City of Gold, Cerberus which is a three headed hound of hades that guards the gate of underworld and much more.

The Florian Triangle is also no exception. Once again Oda has tried to represent Bermuda Triangle in Real World as Florian Triangle in One Piece. Bermuda Triangle is a mysterious place where many ships and small planes end up missing everynow and then. The Florian Triangle is found on the way from Water Seven heading to fishman island. It is covered in a heavy fog such that even sunlight can’t pass through it at all. Kokura stated that, many pirates along with their ships go missing every year there. Sometimes ships will be found man-less wandering in the sea.

It is fairly known that haunted ships have been found sailing the sea, but we later realized that it was all Brook and nothing more. Ten years before the timeline of start of One Piece, Gecko Moriah must have visited the Florian Triangle after hearing all these Rumours and stories. He went there on his ship Thriller Bark. There he used the thick fog to his advantage and trapped pirates by stealing their soul.

Three Giant Shadows In Florian Triangle

But the mystery of Florian Triangle which is the disappearance of ships came before Gecko Moriah. So the missing of pirates and their ships was not all his doing. Maybe we will get to know more about how the ships disappeared in the future chapters. Also what about those 3 Giant beings in Thriller Bark?

There have been some fan made theories though, about the mysterious beings in Florian Triangle….

The Giant Red eyed shadows in Florian Triangle are assumed to be Japanese sea spirits. No one knows if they are humanoid, or octopus like. They might also be related to Ancient Kingdom and Void Century. At the end of Thriller Bark Arc, we saw three Giant massive beings. So there have been many speculations regarding these shadows.

Some believe, these are spirits based on Japanese Legend. These Florian Triangle monsters are based on the legend of Umibozu. An Umibozu lives in the Ocean and capsizes the ships of pirates who dares speak to it. Maybe Umibozu is the main reason behind disappereance of pirates and their ships for hundred years. At the end of the day, all of these are just speculations as nothing concrete about these shadows has been revealed in the manga yet.