Otsutsuki God Appereance in Boruto: What does the Divine Entity look Like?

If you have been wondering what the Otsutsuki God would look like and have been waiting to see his appearance, then you don’t have to wait any longer.

The Otsutsuki God’s appereance has finally been revealead in the Boruto Manga. This is what the Otsutsuki God really looks like and he goes by the name Shibai.

Otsutsuki God Appearance Revealed
Otsutsuki God Appearance Revealed

Aside from the appearance of this divine entity, a new power system has been introduced as well.

Otsutsuki God Appereance

Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu and Senjutsu are the most popular power system in the Naruto verse. But the new power system that has been revealed is so overpowered and powerful that, it makes all other powers look pretty lame compared to it.

The new power system is known as Shinjutsu and it can be translated as True Art or Divine Art. This power is not ninjutsu and nothing of human nature. This also explains all the powers that the Kara Members (including Eida, Code and Daemon possess).

According to Amado, all powers that exist at all are merely speck of that truth, diluted version of the real thing which is Shinjutsu.

Shibai knows and possesses all truths and powers in their most pristine forms. This means all of Kaguya’s abilities like expansive truth seeking orb, all killing ash bones, all of Momoshiki’s abilities, Isshiki’s and all other Otsutsuki’s that have ever appearead in the story. Even the powers that Hagoromo and Hamura possessed comes from shinjutsu, from the divine truth.

Since every known power in the naruto verse derives from the True power form that is shinjutsu, this gives the Otsutsuki God Shibai and absolute dominion over all the things that exist.

Amado also went on to explain that Shibai is further away from all the other Otsutsuki and unlike the others who have claimed to God, Shibai indeed is a True, Real and Genuine God in the Naruto Verse.

The Otsutsuki God Shibai has transcended time, space and even went beyond death and rebirth. Shibai is closest to being the Ultimate God in Boruto. He has one of the most advanced genetics in the entire universe. He has already consumed billions of stars and planets across the universe and has migrated through countless bodiles via Karma.

But the most intimidating about this chapter was Amado claiming that there are other Gods potentially more Powerful than Shibai who might be able to defeat him.

The power level in Boruto Verse has gone off the charts and we believe it’s only going to increase from now onwards. Now we wait for the next chapter…..