Ruby Hoshino Death: What Happened To Her Eyes?

Oshi no Ko fans are eager to know more about Ruby Hoshino’s Death in her past life. Stick with us to know more on this topic.

Ruby Hoshino is an animanga character and also the deuteragonist of the series, Oshi no Ko. She is the daughter of the popular and talented late Ai Hoshino, and also the twin sister of Aquamarine Hoshino.

In Ruby’s past life, she was a 12-year-old child suffering from cancer. She had an obsession with idols, specifically Ai Hoshino. Her twin brother Aquamarine Hoshino also happens to be her doctor in her previous life.

She was known as Sarina Tendjo in her past life and while suffering from a terminal illness, received care from Goro Amamiya, her doctor.

Even after knowing the fact that they had died in their previous lives, both Ruby and Aquamarine were immensely happy. Having Ai Hoshino, their favorite idol as their mother made them forget about their past life.

But Ai’s death was a huge loss for them and they were utterly devasted upon losing her. Slowly but steadily, the twins overcame their mother’s death and revived her former idol group. Ruby strived to fulfill Ai’s dream of becoming a global idol with the help of her friends.

Ruby Hoshino Death Cause

Ruby Hoshino Death Cause
Ruby Hoshino Death Cause

Ruby Hoshino died because of a terminal illness in her past life. She was suffering from incurable cancer and eventually lost her life to the disease.

In the manga and anime series Oshi no Ko, Ruby Hoshino plays a character based on herself when she was a 12-year-old girl battling a form of brain cancer called anaplastic astrocytoma.

She is shown in the series as an avid fan of idols, particularly Ai Hoshino, whom she aspires to be like. Ruby’s twin brother Aquamarine Hoshino, who is now her brother in the anime but was Ruby’s doctor in her previous life, is also shown to have a very strong relationship with Ruby’s character.

Ruby never loses hope and strives to constantly live life to the fullest despite her sickness. Her passing is a crucial episode in the series because it has an impact on the other characters’ lives and actions.

What Happened To Ruby Hoshino’s Eyes?

In the Oshi no Ko Anime and Manga, Ruby Hoshino is pictured with pupils that resemble stars.

The Hoshino family is shown to have eyes that are shaped like stars, and other characters in the series share this attribute as well. For instance, Ruby’s twin brother Aquamarine as well as late mother Ai Hoshino both had star-shaped pupils.

The Oshi no Ko Anime doesn’t go into detail on why the characters have pupils that resemble stars. But Ruby reveals in one of the manga’s chapters that the stars in her eyes are the results of a wish she made to Gorou Amamiya, her doctor in her past life, and twin brother in her current life.

As soon as Ruby makes the wish, the star in her eye vanishes, and she quickly passes away. According to some fans, the stars in her eyes represent her optimism and hope, and they vanish when she loses the desire to live.