Top 25 Strongest Characters in Mashle Anime

One of the most trending series lately is Mashle: Magic and Muscles which has gained a lot of popularity among fans of anime. This Anime has a unique premise that revolves around a not-so-typical main character Mash, who has no magical abilities whatsoever in a world where magic is everything.

That being said, Mash Burnedead is incredibly strong and his physical abilities are comparable to none in this series. Despite having no magical ability, he is totally capable of defeating even the strongest of magic users.

This Anime set in a magical world features a diverse set of characters, each with their own unique ability and techniques. Since this series features a lot of strong characters it’s understandable for fans of the show to be curious about which characters are the strongest and which ones are the weakest.

This article aims to provide a list of the top 25 strongest characters in Mashle: Magic and Muscles. Without any further ado, let’s list the characters:

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Top 25 Strongest Characters In Mashle

Here is the list of the top 25 strongest characters in Mashle Anime and Manga:

  1. Innocent Zero
  2. Mash Burnedead
  3. Doom
  4. Wahlberg Baigan
  5. Adam Jobs
  6. Meliadoul
  7. Ryoh Grantz
  8. Orter Madl
  9. Famin
  10. Rayne Ames
  11. Renatos Revol
  12. Dot Barrett
  13. Lance Crown
  14. Epidem
  15. Delisaster
  16. Kaldo Gehenna
  17. Domina Blowelive
  18. Levis Rosequartz
  19. Cell War
  20. Monster Giant
  21. Agito Tyrone
  22. Shadow Eater
  23. Tsurara Halestone
  24. Sophina Biblia
  25. Margarette Magalon

To sum it up, these twenty-five are the strongest characters in Mashle: Magic and Muscles. Stay tuned for more articles like this.

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Innocent Zero

Innocent Zero Mashle
Innocent Zero Mashle

Innocent zero is the main antagonist of the mashle manga series. He was one of Adam Job’s 3 apprentices, and the alias of the leader of the criminal organization of the same name. He possesses very unique and special powers.

He can change his appearance freely through unknown means. He can also revert to it past appearances whenever desired. He did so during his battle against Wahlberg.

He is a very selfish and evil person, and thinks that every other human in the world is born for his sake. He desires to absord Mash Burnedead to become the Perfect Human Being. Now it’s up to our main protagonist to stop this evil foe.

Mash Burnedead

Mash is the main protagonist of this Anime based on a magical world. He is a muscular young man in his teenage years who possesses immense physical strength and power. That being said, he doesn’t have even a shred of magical power within him.

This is most likely the reason why Mash was abandoned by his biological family when he was just an infant. Later, Mash was found out and raised by Regro Burnedead.

Despite having no magical abilities, his physical strength is off the charts. He has defeated some of the high-ranking magic users in the story with relative ease. Mash is definitely a force to be reckoned with. He is a member of House Adler.

Lance Crown

Just like Mash, Lance Crown is also a powerful member of House Adler. He possesses strong magical abilities and has a diverse set of spells in his arsenal. His signature spell is the Crown of Thorns.

This signature spell of Lance allows him to control thorny vines that can easily immobilize the opponents ahead. Lance is without a doubt a skilled fighter who can hold on his against powerful opponents.

Honorable mention besides Top 25….

Abel Walker

Abel Walker Mashle

Abel is another powerful magic user in Mashle Universe. He can not only use a variety of spells but also possesses immense physical strength. Abel is also the leader of the House, Divine Visionaries.

He is immensely powerful as he hails from one of the strongest noble families in Mashle. According to Ivis, only characters who have royal blood are worthy to live in his ideal society and all other normal human beings are nuisances.

He is the user of Necromancy Magic which allows him to control the dead and manipulate the souls.