What Does Blackbeard’s Flag Mean In One Piece?

Blackbeard’s one of the most notorious yet intelligent characters in One Piece. Many fans despise and hate Blackbeard as he is one of the vital reasons on why Firefist Ace had to meet his end. However, today we are not discussing about all that. In today’s article, we will look over Blackbeard’s flag and it’s meaning.

So if you have been wondering about What is Blackbeard’s flag meaning in One Piece, then worry not. We will try to give meaning from various possible angles.

What does Blackbeard’s flag mean in One Piece?

Blackbeard’s flag is more likely a representative of Edward Newgate, Thatch and Marshall D. Teach all being references to the real life pirate Blackbeard, and how all three of them form one part of that reference within the story of One Piece Manga.

In real world, the name of Pirate Blackbeard was Edward Thatch Teach. This means Blackbeard’s flag most probably symbolizes something in real life. We all know Blackbeard’s real name is divided into 3 characters Edward Newgate , Marshall.D Teach and Thatch in One Piece.

See how real life Blackbeard’s consists of all three members of the whitebeard pirates who were very influential to Blackbeard’s plan. Now coming again to Blackbeard’s flag or banner.

This is just a theory, but maybe the first skull represents, Whitebeard, the second skull represents Thatch and maybe the third one represents that, Blackbeard will somehow end up killing more pirates. He will do so in an attempt to devour the next powerful devil fruit.

Another interesting theory about Blackbeard’s Pirate flag having 3 skulls is, it representing his multiple personalities. Remember when Luffy said, It’s not Him, but They while in Mock Town. Nami was pointing out Blackbeard and at that particular moment, we saw Luffy saying something controversial while being serious. He clearly tried to signify that it’s not a single soul that’s there inside Blackbeard but more.

Therefore it might be possible that Blackbeard’s pirate flag which has three skulls, represents that he has three personalities..

There’s another theory revolving around Blackbeard. It’s Just speculation at this point. According to this therory.. ….Blackbeard actually ate a Mythical Zoan devil fruit of the Cerebrus. Cerebrus is a famous three headed dog that may grant it’s users the ability to consume three different types of devil fruits altogether. The three devil fruits include One Zoan type, One Paramecia type and One Logia Type devil fruit.

So Blackbeard’s Jolly Roger might also mean he has eaten three devil fruits altogether and has the power of all three devil fruits.