Black Clover Anime New Season Is Returning Soon

Some leaks on Twitter suggest that Black Clover Anime New Season Is Returning Soon. It has been some time since Black Clover Anime went on Hiatus. And to add more sorrow to the fans, even the Manga went on Hiatus.

Following the record-breaking premiere of the first-ever feature film of the Black Clover Franchise, the Anime is also gearing up to return to the screens. The highly anticipated fifth season of this popular new-gen manga is rumored to be in production as per the leaks seen on Twitter.

The credibility of the tweet is unknown and we are unsure how true the rumors are, but it’s already been quite a while since Black Clover Anime went into a break. And given the success of the movie and the support shown by the fans all over the world, it wouldn’t be far-fetched at all to expect the Black Bulls as well as the rest of the magic squads to make a comeback.

The BC Anime went on Hiatus for the first time on March 2021 since the manga was adapted by Studio Pierrot back in 2017. Although the Anime production team didn’t provide any official statement or reasons behind the Hiatus, it was most probably because the Anime was catching up to the Manga at a faster rate and there was not much material left to adapt.

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Black Clover Anime New Season Is Returning Soon

Although there has been a lot of buzz on various social media platforms about this news stating Black Clover’s Anime Return, keep in mind that these are still rumors that we saw from non-official sources.

A concrete statement from the Studio Pierrot Team, the official Animation Studio of Black Clover Anime has yet to provide any news or updates regarding the upcoming season of this Anime. Therefore there isn’t any exact release date available for the new season.

Since we are already halfway through 2023 and observing past trends, studios announce new seasons at least around 6 months prior to their streaming date, we can expect Black Clover anime’s return by the end of 2024.

The new season of Black Clover will see the continuation of the Spade Kingdom Arc right away. During this arc, the Black Bulls rescue their captured allies and try to get rid of whatever evil is lurking in the dark shadows of Spade Kingdom.

Source: Twitter Leaks