Overlord Holy Kingdom Movie Broadcast Event Announcement!

Overlord Holy Kingdom Movie

Overlord Holy Kingdom Movie Cast Members will gather together for a broadcast event to give fans more information about the upcoming movie.

Many fans are interested in this recent announcement that is going to take place on January 1st, 2024, from 21:00 to 21: 30. It will be a live event with a 30-minute run time.

As stated in the official post by the Overlord Holy Kingdom Movie Production Team, the event is referred to as a ‘New Year’s Special Broadcast Program’.

All the latest information as well as a couple of fan queries is speculated to be answered regarding the upcoming movie during this program.

The Main Cast to be Present During the Event

Overlord Anime passionate fans will be able to spend their New Year’s Day with their favorite skeleton pal as the main cast of Anime will be present during the event.

The broadcast event will feature appearances from Satoshi Hino (the Japanese Voice of Ainz Ooal Gown), Yumi Hara (the Japanese Voice of Albedo), and Masayuki Kato (the Japanese Voice of Demiurge).

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There will be different fun, festivities, and important news in the forthcoming Anime Movie. While the specific details about this event are sparse, fans are promised with latest news and information regarding the upcoming movie.

Overlord Holy Kingdom Movie Release Date

Despite the Holy Kingdom being announced back in 2021, the details regarding the movie have been few and far between so far.

Besides the announcement, a stunning key visual for the movie was released last year. Since then no new information regarding the movie has been revealed.

Overlord Holy Kingdom Movie Key Visual
Overlord Holy Kingdom Movie Key Visual

The main highlight of this broadcast event will be the release date announcement of the most anticipated Holy Kingdom Movie.

Hopefully, this event will fill in all the major details and information about the film for fans!

The Holy Kingdom Arc of the Light novel, which the movie is based on, is canon material spanning two volumes of the source material. That being said, the exact length of these volumes is unknown.

Back in 2021, when the movie was first announced, some fans expected the possibility of two movies. But that seems not to be the case now since we don’t even have the official release date for the first movie yet.

Also, the announcement mentions one movie only. Hence, the production team will consolidate the contents of two volumes into one single film. Hopefully, it will be a lengthy movie.

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The movie will be adapted from the Volumes 12 and 13 of the Overlord Light Novel.

Hopefully, this is not a recap movie incorporating the recap elements from the prior season, as that would be quite frustrating given how long fans have waiting for the Holy Kingdom Adaptation.

Overlord Season 5 Information

Regarding the upcoming season, there is no information available at the moment. The updates regarding Season 5 are expected only when the next two volumes of the source materials are released.

Overlord Author Yukie Sugawara expressed a desire to release all volumes together, leaving the final four volumes of the source material, enough for a potential final season.

While many might argue that one season typically covers 3 volumes of source material, recent volumes show a trend of significant content skipping.

Hence Season 5 might as well serve as the final season of the Overlord Anime. Of course, there have been some speculations about a final movie as well, but for that, we will have to release a significantly longer movie.

Even a movie with a 3-hour Run Time won’t be able to cover 4 volumes of the light novel. Hence the production team is most likely to opt for a final season, that will encompass all four remaining volumes.

As for the updates and news regarding the next two volumes, we might not get them until at least 2025. And even then, the entire production time for Season 5 will entail additional waiting time.