Boruto Manga Is Going On A 3 Month Hiatus

Boruto Manga is reportedly going into a 3-month Hiatus. Chapter 80 of the Boruto Manga will be published in Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine on April 20.  According to the recent reports circulating on Twitter, the new Boruto Chapter won’t be released until August 2023.

The news has been met with huge disappointment and sadness by fans. It hasn’t been even a month since the Boruto Anime had gone into Hiatus. And now the news revealing that Boruto manga might also be unavailable for the next 3-4 months has left fans upset.

The official reason for the hiatus hasn’t been announced yet. The last time Boruto Manga went on Hiatus was in July 2022. The manga had gone into a one-month break and started serialization the following month.

However, this time around, the wait is going to be longer. The fans have to be patient for the next chapter until August as per the speculations.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is a popular manga series that follows the story of Uzumaki Naruto’s son, Uzumaki Boruto. The series started serialization in WSJ (Weekly Shonen Jump) in 2016. Since then, the story of Boruto Uzumaki has been adapted into an anime and several video games.

The Boruto Manga is published on a monthly basis. Fans are required to wait 1 complete month for the new installment. Now with this news of Manga going into a possible Hiatus, fans might have to wait at least 4 months for a Boruto Chapter 81.

Is Boruto Manga Going Into Hiatus?

Boruto Manga Is Going On A 3 Month Hiatus
Boruto Manga Is Going On A 3 Month Hiatus

Boruto Manga is reportedly going into a 3-month Hiatus. Chapter 80 of the Boruto Manga releases on April 20, and fans have to wait for Chapter 81 until August 2023.

The Manga series is set to resume serialization in August 2023 with the release of VJump’s October Issue. The Boruto Anime went into Hiatus officially after premiering the final episode of Part 1 on 29th March 2023.

Loyal Boruto fans were already sad about Anime taking a break. Some thought they would survive off the Boruto Manga until Anime finally returns. But this news of Boruto Manga also going into a 3 month long Hiatus has fans saddened and anxious. The publisher of the Manga, Shueisha has not given any official statements regarding the reasons for the Boruto Manga Hiatus.

This being said it is not uncommon for a manga series to take breaks every now and then. Manga breaks are important as it allows the Mangaka to rest, and recover. Manga like Hunter x Hunter has gone into a significantly linger Hiatus because of Health Concerns related to the Author.

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Some publishers also go forward with a Hiatus to promote the series and build more anticipation of its return. The Boruto manga’s monthly release schedule, unlike other popular manga which release on a weekly basis, had already made it difficult for fans to wait for the latest chapters. This extended break should only add to their frustration, to say the least.

Boruto fans despite being upset with this news remain hopeful that the manga will return stronger than ever. Some fans believe the break is a good decision as it will allow the Mangaka to work on the upcoming arcs and ensure the quality of the manga.