Does Jenna Ortega Watch One Piece? What’s her favorite Anime?

Fans are curious and have asked, Does Jenna Ortega Watch One Piece?

Jenna is one of the most trending and famous actresses lately. After her incredible role in the Netflix TV Series Wednesday, fans are head over heels for the talented and gorgeous Jenna Ortega.

They want to know more about her hobbies and taste in movies, shows, and music. Today we are going to reveal Jenna’s favorite Anime.

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Does Jenna Ortega Watch One Piece?

Jenna Ortega’s favorite Anime is One Piece. She has been following the One Piece Anime and Manga for a long time.

After her popularity touched the roof in the past few weeks, fans are curious to learn much about her because of her incredible performance on Wednesday TV Series. 

Does Jenna Ortega Watch One Piece?
Does Jenna Ortega Watch One Piece?

Therefore, fans started digging into her choices in Anime. According to various social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, fans have revealed that Jenna watches One Piece Anime now and then.

Keep in mind no official sources like Jenna’s Instagram or Twitter have revealed more information regarding her choices in Anime.

We got this information from fan pages and accounts that frequently share information about Jenna Ortega and her whereabouts.

Only when official information comes to light, we will reveal more on this topic. As it stands, this is just a speculation that Jenna Ortega’s favorite Anime is One Piece.

Where Was Wednesday Filmed?

Does Jenna Ortega Watch One Piece
Does Jenna Ortega Watch One Piece?

Wednesday was one of the most anticipated series among fans since its announcement, especially given that Tim Burton directed it.

And boy, did it live up to its expectations. Wednesday has been breaking all sorts of TV records and continues to do so.

The main plot of this fantastic series revolves around Wednesday Adam’s academic difficulties as she had to transfer from one school to another eight times in five years. 

Because she can be pretty violent when necessary, she was never really into people. And because she had to transfer eight times, her parents finally decided to enroll her in Nevermore Academy, where Gomez and Morticia met 25 years ago.

While it is true that the majority of Wednesday takes place at Nevermore Academy, which is located deep in the forests of New England, the entire series was not even shot in New England or the United States. 

That’s because Nevermore Academy has an old European castle-like design that you won’t find in the United States. As a result, the shooting took place in Bucharest, Romania.

More About Jenna Ortega

The 20-year-old actress has been active in the industry since 2012.

Jenna Ortega was born on 27 September 2002 in Coachella Valley, California, United States.

Ortega began her career as a child actress, receiving praise for portraying young Jane in The CW comedy-drama series Jane the Virgin (2014–2019). She rose to prominence as Harley Diaz in the Disney Channel series Stuck in the Middle (2016-2018), for which she received an Imagen Award.

Jenna portrayed Ellie Alves in the second season of Netflix’s thriller series You in 2019 and starred in the family film Yes Day (2021).

After receiving critical acclaim for her performance in the teen drama The Fallout (2021), Ortega starred in the slasher films X and Scream in 2022, establishing herself as a scream queen. 

Most recently, she portrayed Wednesday Addams in the Netflix horror comedy Wednesday (2022).

She received a nomination for the Golden Globe Awards for her performance as Wednesday Adams in this series.

What Is Jenna Ortega Favorite Anime?

Jenna Ortega’s favorite Anime is One Piece and she has been following the One Piece Anime and Manga for a long time.

Does Jenna Ortega Watch One Piece?

According to the trending posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, fans have revealed that Jenna Ortega is into Anime and she watches One Piece the most.