Is Mashle Manga Finished? How Many Chapters Does It Have?

Mashle: Magic and Muscles is a popular Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Japanese Mangaka, Hajime Komoto. The series started serialization in Shueisha’s WSJ (Weekly Shonen Jump) Magazine in January 2020 and has continued to do so even until now.

The manga has gained a very significant fan following. For the English readers of this Manga, Viz Media has been given the official license to translate and publish new chapters weekly on a regular basis. The Mashle Anime follows the story of Mash Burnedead, a young boy without any magic powers in a world where magic is everything.

Since this fantasy Anime story set in a Magical world continues to rise in popularity, many fans are interested to know whether the source material, which is Manga is concluded or not.

Therefore this article will let you know about the status of Mashle Manga completion, and how many chapters have been published up until today.

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Is Mashle Manga Finished?

Is Mashle Manga Finished?
Is Mashle Manga Finished?

The Mashle Manga series is still ongoing and hasn’t concluded as of May 2023. The manga started serialization in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump in January 2020. Ever since then, WSJ has published chapters on a weekly basis besides a few necessary breaks here and there.

The latest chapter of Mashle Manga was published on May 29, 2023. The manga has been collected in 16 tankōbonn volumes with the upcoming volume scheduled to release on July 4, 2023. Each volume contains 10-12 chapters of Mashle Manga.

Although there is no official announcement from the production team regarding the end of the series, some fans have speculated that the story is nearing its climax soon. The Manga has been ongoing for 3 continuous years now and plot development hints that it’s almost a wrapping time for this wonderful manga.

This being said, these are just speculations from the fans as nothing official regarding this topic has been announced yet. Therefore, at this time of writing, we are not sure when the Mashle Manga will come to an end.

It is also worth noting that the Mashle anime adaptation premiered in April 2023, which may indicate that the series is still popular and ongoing. The anime adaptation is produced by A-1 Pictures and is currently streaming on various platforms.

In conclusion, the Mashle manga series is still ongoing as of May 31, 2023, with no official announcement regarding its end. While some fans speculate that the series may end soon, there is no confirmation from the author or the publisher.

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How Many Chapters Does Mashle Manga Have?

The Mashle manga serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine has a total of 182 chapters as of May 31, 2023.

The manga chapters are collected and published by Shuesiha in tankōbon volumes. There are 16 total tankōbon volumes with the 17th volume scheduled to release in July.

The Mashle manga rose in popularity and sales after its Anime adaptation. Seven episodes of the anime have been released so far. If you want to know more about the story then you must switch to the source material which is Manga.