Most Popular Characters In Mashle: Magic and Muscles

Mashle: Magic and Muscles is a very popular Manga series and its popularity has been increasing steadily since its debut in January 2020. Unique characters and an interesting plot are a few of the main reasons why this animanga series has become so popular among the fans.

With the increase in popularity, there have been demands for popularity polls to determine which character is the most popular and famous within the fandom. Hence fans of Mashle: Magic and Muscles have had the opportunity to vote for their favorite characters in these official popularity polls.

This article will take into consideration of all the previous poll results, and provide you with a list of the most popular characters in the Mashle Anime and Manga.

Top 5 Most Popular Characters in Mashle

The Mashle series has captured the hearts of many readers with its intriguing plot and unique set of characters. Based on the results of all polls conducted in the past, here is a list of the top 5 most popular characters in Mashle anime and manga.

1. Mash Burnedead

Mash Burnedead

Mash Burnedead is the main protagonist of Mashle: Magic and Muscles. In a world where magic is everything, Mash was born without a mark on his face, and hence the reason why he cannot use any magic at all.

However, Mash doesn’t let this hold him back from being the strongest. His physical abilities are off the charts and arguably the greatest in the series. He believes in second chances, equality, and justice.

Mash has a carefree and laid-back personality. He is an easy-going young man who often likes to make dry-humor jokes. Since Mash is very different from your average Shonen protagonist, these traits have made him unique and more popular among the readers.

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2. Finn Ames

Finn Ames is a student at Easton Magic Academy and one of Mash’s closest friends. He has a carefree personality and is often seen providing comic relief in the series.

Despite his relaxed demeanor, Finn Ames is a skilled magician with powerful magic abilities. He specializes in wind magic and has demonstrated impressive speed and agility in battles.

3. Rayne Ames

Rayne Ames Mashle

Rayne Ames is a double-liner mage and the brother of Finn Ames. He is a member of House Adler at the Easton Magic Academy. He often acts as the voice of reason in the series and is portrayed as a serious character.

Rayne seems to treat his brother very poorly. He doesn’t like Finn’s personality of wanting to help everyone who is in trouble. He has even commanded Finn to leave the Magic Academy because of his weakness.

This being said, Rayne was distancing himself from Finn all this time to protect his brother from stronger enemies. This is revealed in later chapters of the manga.

Rayne’s personal magic is known as Partisan. This magical ability allows him to summon an unknown amount of swords at will. He is also the youngest person ever to acquire three markers on his face.

4. Dot Barrett

Dot Barrett Mashle

Dot Barrett is a student at the Easton Magic Academy and one of the main characters of this Animanga series.

He is hot-blooded and obnoxious and is seen to loathe hot guys on a regular basis. But deep down, Dot is a nice and kind person and will apologize if he was wrong about something.

He always seems to fall in love very easily and is very afraid of getting rejected. Dot’s personal magic is Explomb. With this destructive magical ability, he can create exploding fireballs at will.

Dot has an older sister who he deeply cares about. He has a very intense rivalry with Lance Crown.

5. Lance Crown

Lance Crown is the deuteragonist of the Mashle Animanga series. He is one of the main characters and plays a crucial part in the story. He specializes in gravity magic named Graviole.

Since Lance is a double-liner mage, he is pretty powerful. When he was first introduced he seemed hostile toward Mash, and they immediately had a small battle. However Lance realized he was wrong about Mash, and eventually, they became allies.

Lance has a sister complex and is very obsessive about his younger sibling, Anna Crown. He can go up to any lengths to protect her.

Overall, these five are among the most popular characters in Mashle: Magic and Musles series. Their unique personalities, roles in the story, abilities, screen time, and relationships with each other make them stand out in the story.

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Top 25 Most Popular Characters In Mashle

Most Popular Characters In Mashle
Most Popular Characters In Mashle

As we have already mentioned, a couple of official popularity polls have already been conducted by the team of Mashle: Magic and Muscles.

Taking into consideration the results from the latest popularity poll conducted in April 2022, here are the top 25 most popular characters in Mashle: Magic and Muscles.

S.NCharacter NameVotes Gained
1Mash Burnedead11,534
2Kaldo Gehenna7,892
3Lance Crown6,879
4Dot Barrett5,180
5Rain Ames5,035
6Finn Ames3,507
7Abyss Razor3,011
8Carpaccio Luo-Yang2,573
9Lemon Irvine1,816
10Orter Mádl1,472
11Wirth Mádl1,211
12Margarette Macaron905
13Abel Walker888
14Lévis Rosequartz845
15Cell War809
16Ryoh Grantz595
17Wahlberg Baigan526
18Mash’s Bicep519
20Mash’s Pectoral429
21Anna Crown415

Many of the characters here have not been introduced yet in the Anime, so if you are an Anime only person, chances are you might not recognize the majority of the characters listed on this table.

This concludes our today’s article on the most popular characters in Mashle Universe.