Who Is Innocent Zero In Mashle? Explained

Mashle: Magic and Muscles manga has been popular for quite a while now. The manga began serialization in WSJ in Jan 2020.

Very recently, the manga was provided with an Anime adaptation which further helped increase the popularity of this series. The series follows the story of Mash Burnedead and his friends.

With the rise in popularity of this Anime and Manga, fans are interested to learn more about the Mashle Universe, and also the mysterious and strong characters within this series.

One of those many mysterious yet powerful characters is Innocent Zero. Although anime watchers might not have heard of his name, manga readers might already know who Innocent Zero is.

Innocent Zero Mashle

This article will try to highlight Innocent Zero’s character, his motives, powers and abilities, and much more.

There are major spoilers ahead, so proceed with caution.


Who Is Innocent Zero In Mashle Anime?

Innocent Zero is the main antagonist of the Anime and Manga Series, Mashle: Magic and Muscles. He is also the leader of the criminal organization of the same name.

Not much has been revealed regarding his past except for the fact that he was once a pupil of Adam Jobs, alongside Wahlberg Baigan and Meliadoul.

Innocent Zero is a mysterious character who can change his appearance easily. It could be one of his powers or spells, but how he changes his appearance hasn’t been explained yet. His default form is a faceless humanoid.

He is a very selfish human who thinks every other person is born for his sake. Just like Mash Burnedead, he also uses dry humor every now and then.

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What Is Innocent Zero’s Main Goal In Mashle?

Innocent Zero’s ultimate goal is to absorb Mash Burnedead so that he could become the Perfect Human Being.

He is the primary antagonist of the Mashle series and made his debut in the manga chapter 39. Zero was first introduced in the story The Magia Lupus Arc.

He performed a prison break magic on Hecatrice, breaking out six prisoners in the process. After the prison break, Innocent Zero sends Cell War to Easton Academy to deal with Divine Visionaries, Abel Walker.

Innocent Zero’s ultimate goal or motive hasn’t been clearly stated, but he wants to absorb Mash to become the perfect being, and it has also been hinted that he wants to overthrow the magic ruling class.

Innocent Zero Powers & Abilities In Mashle

Innocent Zero Mashle

Since Innocent Zero is the strongest villain in the series and a triple-liner mage, his powers and capabilities are off the charts. He possesses a diverse range of magical spells and powers.

He has some pretty dope magical abilities as well. Not only he has the ability to use time magic but also possesses the ability to steal magic from other powerful mages with ease.

In addition to his overpowered magical abilities, he can fly and shapeshift. He has two powerful wands in his possession, the Chronos wand, and the Uranus wand.

Being a triple-liner, he has the power to summon a god’s power from within his Chronus wand. Yes, he has the ability to summon the God of time.

His wand lengthens, and the blade-encircled clock at the tip becomes its new appearance. Innocent Zero can construct watch hands to assault his targets while stopping time around them thanks to Chronos.

His second summon is with the help of Uranus wand. He gained this summon by stealing Wahlberg’s personal magic. With this wand, he is capable of summoning the God of the Sky.

And lastly, Innocent Zero’s third summon is called Lucifer. With this, he has the power to call the God of Darkness.

Innocent Zero has various forms within the story: The Evolved form, and the Perfected form. He acquires the perfected form after absorbing Mash Burnedead.

Overall, he is an insanely powerful triple-liner mage with time-magic, magic-stealing ability, flight ability, shape-shifting, and two wands: Chronos Wand and Uranus Wand.

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Are Innocent Zero And Mash Burnedead Related?

Innocent Zero Mashle Manga

Yes! Mash Burnedead and Innocent Zero are very closely related. It has been revealed in the manga that, Innocent Zero is the biological father of Mash Burnedead.

Innocent Zero stated that he lost Mash, probably implying he lost his son in a scuffle with someone else. His ultimate motive is to use Mash’s body to become a perfect human being. Mash is the youngest of his children.

Besides Mash, Innocent Zero has 5 other biological sons and one artificial creation. His other sons are:

  • Doom (Son-Oldest of his Child)
  • Famin (Son-Second Oldest)
  • Epidem (Son-Third Oldest)
  • Delisaster (Son-Fourth Oldest)
  • Domina Blowelive (Son-Fifth Oldest)
  • Mash Burnedead (Son-Youngest of his Child)
  • Cell War (Creation)

Innocent Zero comes across as a cold, calculating parent who just uses his kids as a means to further his own interests and ambitions.

He is willing to sacrifice his children if necessary and has no qualms about using their talents to further his own goals. He actually refers to his kids as mere experiments and doesn’t feel anything for them emotionally.