Powerful Stands That Can Stop Time: JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure

Powerful Stands That Can Stop Time

JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure is one of the most popular Anime with a diverse set of characters and a unique power system.

While this Anime is best known for its intriguing plot and amazing storyline, it’s the Stands (the power system within this Animanga) that make this series truly stand out.

In JJBA (JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure), a Stand is a physical manifestation of any person’s spirit or life energy. Each Stand is unique from the others and possesses supernatural abilities that allow its user to perform amazing feats.

Among many different abilities these stands have, some have the ability to manipulate time. They are basically popular as time-stopping stands in the JoJo universe.

Stopping time is a very rare ability and only a handful of characters in the entirety of the series possess such power. These stands are overpowered as they allow their user to freeze or reset the time for a certain amount of time.

This comes off as a very big advantage in battle because, for skilled fighters, all it takes is a few seconds to kill the opponent in front of them.

Below here is a list of the Best 4 time-stopping stands in JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure…

4 Powerful Stands That Can Stop Time

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While there are four stands in JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure that can manipulate and play with time, only a couple of them have the ability to stop time completely.

The two most iconic stands that can stop time are The World and Star Platinum.

Now without any further ado, here is a list of all the time-stopping stands:

  • The World
  • Star Platinum
  • King Crimson
  • Made In Heaven

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The World

The World is arguably the most iconic stand in the entire JoJo universe. It is even more popular than other iconic stands like Giorno’s Gold Experience and Jotaro’s Star Platinum.

This stand belongs to Dio Brando, the main protagonist of JoJo’s Part 3, Stardust Crusaders. The World has the ability to stop time for a few seconds, allowing Dio to move freely during that time freeze while others are frozen.

From what was displayed in JJBA Anime and Manga, this Stand’s time stop ability initially works for 5 seconds in Dio Brando’s frame of reference before time flows again.

Star Platinum

While The World belonged to the most iconic villain in JoJo, Star Platinum is a similar stand that belongs to arguably the most popular protagonist in JoJo.

Jotaro Kujo is the main character of Part 3: Star Crusaders, where he had to face Dio Brando in the final battle. Jotaro would eventually come out victorious thanks to their amazing intellect and Star Platinum’s ability.

Just like The World, Star Platinum has the same ability to be able to stop time for a few seconds. This being said, Star Platinum’s time-stop is lesser than Dio’s Stand and lasts for a maximum of two seconds.

These stands have their limitations as well. For instance, The World can stop time for a short period of time before it needs to recharge, whereas Star Platinum requires Jotaro Kujo to hold his breath while the stand is working.

King Crimson

King Crimson is another powerful Stand with time-stopping power. It is the Stand of Diavolo, the main villain of JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind.

Diavolo’s Stand ability is called Epitaph, which allows him to see ten seconds into the future. The signature ability of King Crimson is to erase a given frame of time. The power of the stand starts from the instant the ability is activated and can last up to 10 seconds.

During this period of time, Diavolo is the only one who is in a fully conscious state and the only one who can re-adjust or redo his actions.

Made in Heaven

Made in Heaven is the Stand of the main antagonist of Part 6: Stone Ocean. Enrico Pucci who possesses the overpowered abilities of this stand is the final villain for the first-ever female protagonist in JoJo Verse, Jolyne Kujo.

Made in Heaven is by far the most powerful stand in JoJo when it comes to time-manipulating ability. It is arguably the strongest stand as well tied with the likes of Giorno’s Gold Experience Requiem.

This ability of this stand is not time-stopping but instead is to accelerate time. Made it Heaven can accelerate time to such as extent that once its ability is activated, only Pucci can move at extraordinary speeds. It can dramatically speed up the flow of time, which is achieved through its ability to control the gravitational forces of the Earth, the moon, and seemingly the entire universe.

He can also perform a universe reset. As Made in Heaven continues to accelerate time, the universe will hit a vanishing point, and a new universe will be created where everything repeats itself according to fate.


Hence in conclusion, the main stands in JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure with time-stopping abilities are Dio’d The World, Jotaro’s Star Platinum, Diavolo’s King Crimson, and Pucci’s Made in Heaven.

Each of these stands has its unique way of time manipulation and their abilities play a significant role in the story.