Who is Caesar Clown in One Piece?

Caesar Clown is an antagonist in the universe of one of the most popular and successful manga series, One Piece written by Eiichiro Oda.

Caesar Clown is a scientist who was also the main villain during the Punk Hazard Arc in One Piece Ani-Manga Series. He is a former colleague of the mysterious scientist Vegapunk.

He is the first major antagonist Luffy and Company faced after getting into the New World. He specializes and deals with chemicals. He has a huge expertise on chemical weapons of mass destruction.

who is caesar clown in one piece
Who is caesar clown in one piece?

Quick Facts about Caesar Clown in One Piece

NameCaesar Clown
AliasGangster Gastino (Luffy believed this)
First Appearance in MangaChapter 658
First Appearance in
Episode 581
FatherNot Mentioned in the Story
MotherNot mentioned in Story
OriginGrand Line
ResidencePunk Hazard
(Third Research Institute) Former
AffiliationsFire Tank Pirates
Donquixote Pirates
Marines and World Government
MADS Scientist
(All Former)
OccupationsDonquixote Pirate
Child Trafficker
Japanese Voice ActorRyūsei Nakao
English Voice
Jerry Jewell
BirthdateApril 9th
Height309 cm
Age at Death40
Blood TypeX
Highest Bounty Known
300,000,000 Beli
Caesar Clown in One Piece

Who is Caesar Clown in One Piece?

Caesar Clown is one of the talented scientists in the One Piece Universe who uses his knowledge to produce weapons of mass destruction. He is the main brain behind the creation of Artificial Devil Fruits also known as SMILE.

Caesar worked directly under Donquixote Doflamingo before he was defeated and captured by the Pirate Alliance of Strawhats and Heart Pirates.

Although One Piece characters are known to have unique laughs, Caesar tops them all. His laugh is quite distinguishable and distinct even from your typical one piece characters. Shururororo is what we hear when Caesar laughs.

History of Caesar Clown in One Piece

Not much is known about Caesar’s childhood. So we don’t know about his parents and close family members either. Because of his devil fruit, he has a very gaseous look. He seems to remain in a gaseous state floating in the air with the power of the fruit.

Caesar had his first debut in One Piece story during the Punk Hazard Arc. However his history goes about 24 years back when he was involved as a MADS member along with three other researchers.

what is mads in one piece
what is mads in one piece

Caesar along with Vinsmoke Judge, Dr Vegapunk and Queen of the Beast Pirates were working together to create weapons of various purposes.

However this research was banned by the World Government and hence MADS had to disband.

Were Caesar and Vegapunk Friends in One Piece?

Caesar and Vegapunk were former colleagues in MADS. Caesar used to have a rivalry with Vegapunk but always considered the second best. And this might be the main reason why Caesar holds a grudge against Vegapunk.

Caesar has a very arrogant and proud personality and when he realized there is someone more intelligent and talented than him, he couldn’t help but despise that person, and in this scenario, Doctor Vegapunk.

Caesar’s hate for Vegapunk increased when he was dismissed by Vegapunk from his team. Vegapunk let go of Caesar as the Clown was always conducting inhumane experiments and seemed to have bad motives overall.

Caesar’s production of SAD formula for Smiles is also a practical application from the Lineage Factor Vegapunk found out.

Who did Caesar Work Under?

doffy talking to caesar
doffy talking to caesar

Caesar worked directly under one of the former seven warlord of the sea, Donquixote Doflamingo. He used to address Doffy with his underworld alias Joker.

Although Caesar comes off as an arrogant and heartless character, he was quite afraid of Doflamingo. Caesar’s main task was to produce SAD in his lab on Punk Hazard. He had other donquixote pirates assisting him there for the easy production of SAD.

Caesar was accompanied by Monet and one of the top ranking officials Vergo, of the Donquixote pirates. After successfully producing the SAD in Punk Hazard, the produced SAD was then transferred to the SMILES factory in Dressrosa to produce the artificial devil fruits.

Child Trafficking and Gigantification in Punk Hazard

Besides the production of SAD in Punk Hazard, Caesar was also involved in very inhumane activities like child trafficking, child torture, human trafficking and Gigantification.

He used to perform life threatening experiments on the children and people he captured. Many died because of his cruel experiments. We saw how he performed Gigantification on those small innocent kids.

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Their bodies were forcefully made larger so that he could have conclusions about his researches. He gave the children’s drugs which made them addicted to stay bigger (Gigantified).

Caesar Devil Fruit Powers

Devil Fruit Name
in Japanese
Gasu Gasu No Mi
Devil Fruit Name
in English
Gas Gas Fruit
Power Create, control, and transform his body into various chemical gases
Devil Fruit TypeLOGIA
Awakening StatusHas Not Awakened
Caesar Devil Fruit Powers

Caesar ate a Logia Type Devil Fruit therefore his body is intangible and he can turn into gas whenever he wants. This fruit’s power grants him the ability to control as well as transform into different chemical gases.

He has the ability to produce vapors that are exceedingly flammable or dangerous. His devil fruit also grants him the ability to asphyxiate opponents or negate fire-based assaults by removing oxygen from a specific region around him.

Caesar always seems to be either entirely or in partial gaseous state, which means he likes to have his devil fruit powers activated most of the times.

Who defeated Caesar Clown?

Luffy defeated Caesar in Punk Hazard but Law also had significant part in Caesar’s defeat. He had captured Caesar’s heart just incase the Clown tried to work something on the Strawhats and Heart Pirates Alliance.

Trafalgar Law and Luffy formed an alliance between their pirate groups and their main intention was to bring down one of the four emperors, Kaido of the Thousand Beasts. And this involved Doflamingo and Caesar as they supplied the Artificial Devil Fruits to Kaido.