Who is Rosinante in One Piece?

Rosinante also known as Corazon is a fictional character in the popular manga series and anime, One Piece written by Japanese Mangaka Eiichiro Oda.

Donquixote Rosinante was the biological brother of Donquixote Doflamingo. Although both of these brothers grew up together in similar environments in the holy land of Mary Geoise, Rosinante was very different from Doffy.

Who is Rosinante in One Piece
Who is Rosinante in One Piece

Quick Facts about Rosinante (Corazon) in One Piece

NameDonquixote Rosinante
First Appearance in MangaChapter 761
First Appearance in
Episode 700
FatherDonquixote Homing
BrotherDonquixote Doflamingo
OriginHoly Land of Mary Geoise
ResidenceHoly Land of Mary Geoise (Young)
Spider Miles (With Doffy)
AffiliationsCelestial Dragon, Donquixote Pirate and
Marine Commander
OccupationsMarine Commander; Pirate Elite Officer(undercover); Celestial Dragon (former)
Japanese Voice ActorKōichi Yamadera;
Ryō Hirohashi (young)
English Voice
Ray Chase;
Hayden Daviau (young)
BirthdateJuly 15th
Height 293 cm
Age at Death26
Blood TypeS
Donquixote Rosinante in One Piece

How did Rosinante die in One Piece?

Rosinante died a very sad death in One Piece. He had to die through the hands of his own brother Doflamingo.

After Doflamingo killed his father, Rosinante was the only biological family member he had remaining. After Doffy formed the Donquixote Pirates, Rosinante had the role of an Elite Officer in this pirate group under the code name Corazon.

But in reality Rosinante was a Marine Commander operating secretly to stop Doflamingo. Rosinante was directly operating under the then Fleet Admiral Sengoku. He was a special marine officer whose mission was to stop Doffy in his tracks and stop him from doing any further evil.

Who is Rosinante in One Piece

Unfortunately Rosinante was exposed while trying to free Law from Doffy. Although he successfully helped Law get the Ope Ope No Mi to help him cure the life threatening disease but couldn’t save himself. He was caught by a top ranking officials in Donquixote Pirates known as Vergo. 

After Doffy came to the realization that Rosinante had been working for the world government all this time, he felt betrayed. Few moments later Doffy shot Rosinante to Death.

Devil Fruit Power: Donquixote Rosinante

Devil Fruit Name
in Japanese
Nagi Nagi No Mi
Devil Fruit Name
in English
Calm Calm Fruit
PowerTo make certain part of surrounding area calm
Devil Fruit TypeParamecia
Awakening StatusUnawaken
Rosinante Devil Fruit

Rosinante ate the Paramecia type Devil Fruit known as Nagi Nagi No Mi. The main ability of this fruit is that it grants its user to nullify sounds within a certain amount of area. He always used the power of this devil fruit to its full extent.

As he had the ability to silent voices, this fruit came very useful while working as an undercover marine officer. Despite not having any direct combat advantages, this devil fruit helped Rosinante conduct special undercover operations without making any sound. He also could hold private confidential discussions without the fear of being overheard.

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He also utilized this power to trick people into believing he was silent. He could create an ethereal soundproof shield around himself and other people. The sounds coming from beyond this field’s boundary could not be heard by anybody inside, and vice versa.

Rosinante as a Marine Officer

Rosinante was a very well respected figure within the Marines. He had earned the rank of a Commander and most importantly he directly reported to Sengoku who was the Marine Fleet Admiral back then. This shows how much trustworthy and respectable Rosinante’s character was.

After his father was shot dead by Doflamingo, Rosinante met Sengoku for the first time. He was enlisted in the Marines by Sengoku. Sengoku trusted him to monitor the actions of the Donquixote Pirates while also keeping the members from expanding by stopping new children’s to join the group.

Who is Rosinante in One Piece
Law and Sengoku

Sengoku was really close to Rosinante and even saw him as a Son. He was very devastated and shocked when he first heard about Rosinante’s death. After Luffy defeated Doffy in Dressrosa, Sengoku got to meet Trafalgar Law there.

He spoke with Law to find out what actually happened. After discovering all the details, he finally understood why Rosinante lied to him as it was the only time he ever lied to Sengoku. He was proud of Rosinante and given how Rosinante gave his life to save law, Sengoku decided to let Trafalgar Walk free from Dressrosa.

Who is Rosinante in One Piece?

Donquixote Rosinante was the biological brother of Doflamingo who worked as an undercover marine officer directly under the former fleet admiral Sengoku.

How did Rosinante die?

Rosinante was shot dead by his brother Doflamingo after he realized Rosinante had been working as an secret marine agent all along and felt betrayed.