Why Does Itachi Have Lines On His Face? Explained

Uchiha Itachi is one of the most popular characters in Naruto Anime and Manga. He is one of the most talked about characters in the Naruto community and has a very big fanbase of his own.

Since Itachi is so popular and beloved among many, fans are curious to know even the tiniest not that important details about their favorite character. One such details when it comes to Itachi Uchiha are the lines under his eyes.

The lines on the face of Itachi have always been a topic of discussion among fans for years. This article will try to explore the reason behind the presence of such lines underneath his eyes.

Without any further ado let’s dive into the article which tries to answer your query on, Why does Itachi have lines on his face?

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Why Does Itachi Have Lines On His Face?

Why does Itachi Have Lines On His Face
Why does Itachi Have Lines On His Face

Itachi is a beloved character in the Naruto franchise. One of the most notable features of his appearance is the lines under his eyes. Time and again, these lines have been the subject of discussion among fans on several social media platforms and forums.

Although there has been no official statement from the Author regarding why Itachi has those lines present on his face, there are possible causes that make sense on why he has them.

One of the main reasons why Itachi has lines on his face is because of the stress or suffering he has gone through over the years. The lines on Itachi’s face symbolize the huge burden he carries for the Massacre of the Uchiha Clan.

The lines under Itachi’s eyes might also represent his growth in age and maturity over the course of the series. In short, the lines under his face are either because of his age or because of the intense stress.

As we all know Itachi’s backstory is very messed up. He worked as a double spy in the story and ultimately massacred his own brethren and clansmen. It comes down to personal preference to say if his decision of murdering everyone in the Uchiha Clan was the right thing to do or not, but regardless, it left a permanent scar in Itachi’s heart.

Hence, the lines on Itachi’s face might be the physical manifestation of the emotional weight he carries as someone who killed his own for the greater good.

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Possible Causes Behind Itachi Lines On Face

To summarize, here are all the possible causes that resulted in the appearance of lines on Itachi Uchiha’s face.

Why does Itachi Have Lines On His Face


Itachi’s life was very stressful and traumatic. He was forced to make a humongous choice at a very young age. He ultimately made his decision and decided to kill all of his clan members, including his parents as well. Itachi did this under Danzo’s command in order to prevent a coup d’etat.

This violent act left a never disappearing scar on his soul and weighed heavily on him causing a great deal of emotional turmoil. It is possible that the lines on his face are the manifestation of the said stress and trauma.


As we all know, Itachi was suffering from a terminal disease. We often saw him coughing up blood because of the said illness. Itachi himself stated that there was no cure available for his sickness.

He had already realized it would eventually take his life as there was no cure available. It is possible that the lines on Itachi’s face are the result of the same unnamed terminal illness.

Aesthetic Choice

It is always possible that the lines were nothing but a means of an aesthetic choice made by Masashi Kishimoto to make Itachi look different from the other characters.

Maybe Kishimoto drew those lines on Itachi’s face to make him look older, more experienced, and wiser. The lines could also be a sign of wisdom.

Itachi is considered to be one of the most smartest and intelligent characters in the Naruto verse, and maybe the lines are a visual representation of his intelligence and wisdom.

Well, in conclusion, the real cause of the presence of lines on Itachi’s face is unknown. Therefore fans are on their own to make their assumptions and theories. That being said, either of the above-mentioned points could be the cause for the lines on Itachi’s face.