5 Best Anime like The Sopranos: A List of Recommendations

If you are a massive fan of the Sopranos TV series and looking for similar stories to binge watch, then these few Anime shows just might quench your thirst.

When you hear about most Anime, they are generally associated with action, romance, good animation and adventure. However, there are also Anime that explore complex characters and the picture of criminal underworld.

These Anime offer a good take on classical crime drama tropes, and try to deliver the same level of character depth and nuance that The Sopranos displayed.

5 Best Anime Like The Sopranos
5 Best Anime Like The Sopranos

One major strength that Anime has over live action movies and tv series is its ability to tell stories with animations and drawings and effects that would be impossible to portray in live action series.

And when it comes to crime drama anime, animators can create unique as well as visually stunning worlds. Gritty urban landscape or fantastical alternate realities, anime can offer a range of settings for the exploration of crime drama stories.

Besides the stunning settings and visuals, many of these anime stories also feature complex characters just like those in The Sopranos.

Without any further ado, here is a list of 5 best anime like the Sopranos that you can binge watch right away:

5 Best Anime Like The Sopranos TV Series

Although it’s hard to Anime that is exactly like The Sopranos, as it’s a very complex and unique TV series, here are some Anime that share some similar themes:


5 Best Anime like The Sopranos: Baccano!
5 Best Anime like The Sopranos: Baccano!

Baccano is an Anime series set in the 1930s. This anime display various characters whose stories often intersect with each other in complex and violent way.

Just like The Sopranos, Baccano also portrays the themes of loyalty, family and consequence of criminal activities. Baccano also features a diverse cast and each with their own personal motivations and agendas.

However, since this is Anime set in a supernatural world, Baccano features elements of supernatural and fantasy along with immortal alchemist and cursed materials playing a key role within in the story.

Black Lagoon

5 Best Anime like The Sopranos: Black Lagoon
5 Best Anime like The Sopranos: Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon is a Japanese TV Anime Series that follows a group of mercenary. These mercenaries take on different jobs and missions throughout the story.

Just like The Sopranos, Black Lagoon also explores the darkest side of human nature, and the blurred line between evil and good. The show consists of lots of intense fights and shootout scenes.

And just like Sopranos is not only popular for its action and deep characters but amazing humor at times, in the same way black lagoon also has characters with strong sense of humor who often find themselves in very absurd and surreal situations.

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Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion is an Anime that is applauded and loved by many for its deep characters and intriguing plot.

This anime is similar to the Sopranos in the sense that, Evangelion offers complex characters with insane psychological depth.

Neon Genesis Evangelion follows a group of teenagers who pilot giant mecha robots to fight against the invading enemy.


Gangsta is an Anime set in a fictional city named Ergastulum. The anime follows the story of two handymen who work for the city’s criminal underworld.

This anime explores the consequences of betrayal, loyalty and action’s the characters commit as the story unfolds.

Gangsta also incorporates the themes of discriminations and prejudice, with some of them getting discriminated based on their race.


5 Best Anime like The Sopranos: Monster
5 Best Anime like The Sopranos: Monster

Monster is one of the highest rated seinen Anime Manga series. The anime follows a Japanese doctor who finds himself in a complex conspiracy involving a serial killer.

Like Sopranos, Monster also explores the themes of power control, and darkest side of human nature. As the story unfolds, you will find many twists and curls along the way.

Monster also explores the theme of psychological horror as the main character of the story grapples with his own morality and faces consequences because of his actions.

This concludes our today’s list on 5 Best Anime like the Sopranos. Hope you can select one out of these five.

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More About The Sopranos

The Sopranos is one of the most popular and influential American TV Series that aired on HBO. The show started to premiere since 1999 and ran for six complete seasons until 2007.

The series focuses on the story of Mafia boss Tony Soprano, a New Jersey based Italian Mobster. The story portrays how Tony struggles to balance between his work and family life as the boss of a mob organization.

The Sopranos is widely considered as one of the greatest TV series of all time for its groundbreaking depiction of complex characters, intricate storyline and use of dark humor to explore the human condition.

This series paved the way for a new era of television and inspired new popular television series like Breaking Bad. And it has been a general knowledge in the TV biz industry that, without Tony Soprano, Walter White wouldn’t exists. James Gandolfini was that influential as a character. May he Rest in Peace.

The series won numerous awards during its run time. This includes 21 Emmys, 5 Golden Globe Awards, and also a Peabody Award.