Lance Crown in Mashle: Wiki, Facts, & Abilities

Mashle: Magic and Muscles is one of the trending Anime of the Spring 2023 Season. The Anime is based on the Manga of the same name which began serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump in January 2020.

The story revolves around Mash Burnedead, and his friends in a magical world. Lance Crown is one of those friends and is very crucial to the plot.

We will explore more about Lance Crown in Mashle, in this article. Please stick with us.

Who Is Lance Crown In Mashle: Magic and Muscles?

Who Is Lance Crown In Mashle

Lance Crown is a double-liner mage and a first-year student at the Easton Magic Academy. He is one of the main characters in the Mashle Anime and Manga series.

Lance is a slim, long-legged guy with short blue hair. He has two vertical marks running down his full face, hence he is a double-liner mage and has strong magical abilities.

He prefers wearing some accessories. He has a necklace locket with a picture of his sister Anna Crown embedded in it. Likewise, Lance has an ear piercing in his left ear that takes the shape of a planet and has planetary rings.

He is considered to be a rare magic user as he is among the few the mages in Mashle Universe who have double lines running through their face. Lance Crown is also known for his genius-level intelligence.

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Lance Crown: Role In The Story

Lance plays a very significant role in the story of Mashle Anime and Manga. He is first introduced as someone who picked a fight with Mash Burnedead for no specific reason. However as the story developed, we came to realize that he is the deuteragonist of the series.

Lance's Sister Anna Crown
Lance’s Sister Anna Crown

Lance Crown is often portrayed as a serious and studious character. He is very obsessed with his younger sister, Anna Crown. He stated in the story that he has a sister complex, and will go to any lengths to protect her.

Lance was initially hostile towards the main character Mash, but eventually, he came around to becoming friends and allies. Because of his sister’s complex, he often is used as a source of humor.

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Lance Crown: Powers and Abilities

Lance is a double-liner mage which is a very rare, & powerful form of magic. He is the user of gravity magic named Graviole which allows him to manipulate the gravitational forces around him.

Lance Crown Powers

This is a very powerful magic that gives him immense strength and agility making him a formidable foe against others in a battle. The gravity forces that Mash creates using Graviole can be precisely controlled making it a very versatile ability in fights.

Besides being incredibly strong because of his powerful spells and gravity magic, Lance is also equally intelligent. He has a vast knowledge of magic and its applications and is often seen studying and researching new spells, & techniques.

He owns a brown-colored wand made up of magnolia wood. Lance is also capable of performing transportation magic. He can teleport to a designated location with green-colored flames.

Another magic ability he has under his belt is known as Quientus. This particular spell helps Lance calm down a certain target and make them silent.

Despite being initially a double-liner, Lance Crown gains a third line in his face after his training with Orter and Dot Barrett. He gained good control over the powers that came from the third mark during his battle against Epidem.

Overall, Lance Crown is one of the strongest characters in Mashle story, and definitely a force to be reckoned with. Characters much stronger than Lance in the series are Innocent Zero, Mash Burnedead, Epidem, Adam Jobs, and a few more.

Lance Crown’s Relationship With Friends

Lance Crown With His Friends

As previously stated, Lance was initially hostile toward the main character of this series, Mash Burnedead. He saw Mash as a threat to himself and tried to eliminate him during the Magia Lupus arc.

But after Mash displayed his incredible strength, kindness, and resolve, Lance started to see him in a different light and eventually became friends with him.

He has a very close relationship with his younger sister, Anna Crown. He adores and loves his sister and often mentions her in conversations. He has a friendly rivalry with Dot Barrett, a student at Easton Magic Academy.

Lance Crown: Trivia & Facts

  • His wand is brown colored and made up of magnolia wood.
  • He always keeps a picture and memento of his sister Anna Crown with him.
  • Every time he sees a picture of his sister or hears that she might find a boyfriend, he will launch himself into a wall or ceiling.
  • He cleans his room every weekend.
  • He is terrified of insects and ghosts.
  • Lance Crown’s Japanese Voice Actor is Kaito Ishikawa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lance Crown A Villain In Mashle?

No, Lance Crown isn’t a villain. Instead, he is one of the main characters and becomes good friends with Mash Burnedead despite being initially hostile towards him for a short time.

Does Lance Crown have a Sister Complex?

Yes! Lance has a sister complex and he can go to any lengths to protect his sister from danger.

Who Is Lance Crown Voice Actor?

Lance Crown is voiced by talented Voice Actor, Kaito Ishikawa. He has also voiced Tenya Lida in My Hero Academia.

Is Lance Crown A Double-Liner or Triple-Liner?

Lance was initially introduced as a powerful double-liner mage with two lines running through his face.

However, after his training with Dot Barrett, Lance unlocked a third mark and became even more powerful.