Mashle Female Characters: Main Girls In The Show

Mashle Anime and Manga has a long list of powerful and badass male characters, but there are a handful of female Mashle characters as well who can totally hold on their own in difficult situations.

This article will try to list the major female characters in Mashle: Magic and Muscles. Now without any further ado, let’s list down the main girls from this magical world.

A List of Mashle Female Characters

Mashle Female Characters
Mashle Female Characters

Mashle has a beautiful cast of female characters. These females serve a significant role in the story and are crucial to the plot.

Here is a quick list of top female characters in Mashle based on strength, power, magic abilities, screen time, and overall significance to the plot.

  • Lemon Irvine
  • Love Cute
  • Meliadoul
  • Lauren Cabasse
  • Sophina Biblia
  • Anna Crown
  • Tsurara Halestone
  • Abel’s Mother

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Lemon Irvine

Mashle Female Characters | Lemon Irvine

Lemon Irvine is one of the main characters in the series and shares a lot of screen time with other important characters. She was born and raised in a poor family. She didn’t want to see her family suffer anymore and decided to apply to the Easton Magic Academy. She wants to earn enough money to help her family live in peace and happiness.

In the Easton Academy Entrance exam, Lemon was threatened by Claude to stop Mash. However, Mash saved her from trouble despite knowing about her goal. After seeing Mash’s honesty, and bravery, she told everyone about Claude’s intention. Ever since then her heart belonged to Mash Burnedead.

Lemon possesses a type of Binding Magic. This magic creates and manipulates bindings like manacles and chains.


Meliadoul is one of the strongest female characters in Mashle Anime and Manga. In the past days, Meliadoul, Wahlberg, and Innocent Zero were students of the strongest wizard in Mashle Universe, Adam Jobs.

As of right now in the Manga, Ryoh has taken Mash to Meliadoul’s place. After her encounter with Mash, she gave a warning to Mash that he has to surpass her power within the next thirty days.

Meliadoul also possesses very powerful equipment. Her wand is the legendary staff that defeated the witch of darkness, Circe. This staff of hers is considered to be the mortal enemy of dark magic users. It is capable of absorbing magic attacks and rebounding them back at the caster. She also possesses a magical chainsaw used best for healing purposes.

She has a very powerful magic ability that is capable of working at a cellular level. Meliadoul with her magic can create an artificial heart that can use magical energy to heal bodily injuries. Overall, she is a top-tier character in the story.

Love Cute

Mashle Female Characters | Love Cute

Love Cute is another strong female character in Mashle Anime who is the Fifth Fang of the Magia Lupus. She has a very proud persona and always seems arrogant and proud of her looks in front of others.

According to Love Cute, anyone who doesn’t think she is cute deserves to die. As a double-liner character in the story, she possesses an immense amount of magical power. Her personal magic, Torengus is capable of creating and manipulating tornadoes.

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Lauren Cabasse

Mashle Female Characters | Lauren Cabasse

Lauren Cabasse was introduced as an antagonist in the Easton Enrollment Arc. She is a single-liner and possesses an average amount of magical power. She is a manipulative and selfish girl and tries to prey on men and use them for her personal benefit.

Her personal magic greatly aids her manipulative characters and makes things easier for her. With her personal magic, she can control anyone who is even slightly attracted to her by making them fall in love with her.

Her magic is also very potent, as Mash is the only guy who was unaffected by her power. Everyone before Mash fell victim to her love spell.

Sophina Biblia

Sophina is a Divine Visionary and a member of the Forbidden Magical Texts Administration. This is a subdivision of the Bureau of Magic.

She has a calm and polite persona and dislikes vulgarity. She has a unique wand shaped like a feather quill pen. Sophina’s personal magic allows her to words and actions of her opponents or targets. She does this by summoning various magic letters from her book.

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Abel’s Mother

Abel’s mother is one of the minor characters in Mashle Anime. She is the mother of the founder of Magia Lupus, Abel Walker. Abel’s mother was a very kind person who always cared for those who were less fortunate than her.

Unfortunately for her, she was stabbed to death by one greedy individual when she was attempting to distribute food to poor people. The murderer went on to explain that it was her comeuppance and she deserves her death.

Her death greatly affected Abel Walker. Because of this incident, he swore to get rid of all the commoners to avenge his mother.

Anna Crown

Anna Crown Mashle
Anna Crown Mashle

Anna Crown is the younger sister of Lance Crown. She is a very sweet and caring girl who cares about her older brother deeply.

She wields a basic-looking wand and is a single-liner magic user. Hence she has the ability to cast moderately powerful spells.