What Does Two Blue Vortex Mean In Boruto? Explained

Boruto: Two Blue Vortex is the Official Manga Title for the Boruto Anime and Manga Part 2. This name has been trending in the Anime Community and various social media platforms since the title for the second part was announced.

Two Blue Vortex Meaning In Boruto

Many fans are intrigued to know the meaning behind the new title. They wonder what the blue vortex in the title relates to. Is it related to a set of characters or is it a special ability? We will try to break down the meaning of Two Blue Vortex in this article. So stick with us.

Up until now, Boruto Manga was addressed as Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. However, we are done with the first part of Boruto Uzumaki’s story. Since the time skip is a turning point in the story, the Boruto Team decided this is the best place to conclude Part 1 and give way to the much anticipated second part of the series.

Remember how there are two Naruto Anime? The first part of Naruto Anime which is generally referred to as OG Naruto or just Naruto in general ran for 220 Episodes. And the second part of the Anime with 500 Episodes is widely popular as Naruto Shippuden.

The same is the case with Boruto Uzumaki’s story too. Part 1 of Boruto known as Boruto: Naruto Next Generations revealed everything prior to the time skip, and the upcoming second part titled, Boruto: Two Blue Vortex will unfold the story after the time skip.

All this being said fans want to know what specifically does the Blue Vortex mean. So without any further ado, let us get straight to the point.

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What Does Two Blue Vortex Mean In Boruto?

The Blue Vortex in the New Boruto Title is referencing the Rasengan. And the two’ in Two Blue Vortex indicate that not only Boruto but Naruto Uzumaki is also concerned about the future of the Shinobi world.

Vortex in Japanese means Uzumaki. And if you remember carefully, what is the most iconic Blue thing in Naruto Verse? It’s Naruto Uzumaki’s signature Jutsu, Rasengan. Hence the New Title Two Blue Vortex is simply trying to highlight the two Rasengan using Uzumaki in the Boruto Manga.

Also as explained by Mito in Boruto Manga, Vortex and Spirals are two different states of evolution of a single source. Therefore the New Boruto title for the second part most likely means that both Boruto and Naruto will evolve into Spirals.

These are just speculations at this point, so don’t take them at face value. But as per the details provided in the source material, the Two Blue Vortex is trying to relate to Rasengan and its two iconic users.

Of course, Minato Namikaze, the founder of Rasengan is himself a very iconic Rasengan user, but at this point of the story, the Two in the title might be referencing Boruto and his father, Naruto Uzumaki.

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This being said, some fans believe the two in the new title relates to Kawaki but not Naruto. As we know, Kawaki was homeless and didn’t have anyone in the world. Naruto accepted him, & gave him a place to live.

Two Blue Vortex Meaning In Boruto
Two Blue Vortex Meaning In Boruto

But after Eida’s power of Omnipotence, everything changed in the Boruto story. Now Kawaki is Uzumaki Boruto, and Boruto is Kawaki. So it might be possible that the Two Uzumaki that the title is referencing could be Boruto and Kawaki, although one of them is fake.

The Title might also relate to Boruto and Momoshiki. Both of these characters are associated with the Blue color but Naruto is best known for orange. Also, Boruto has a blue Karma but Kawaki has a Red Karma, therefore it might not be Kawaki who is associated with Boruto in the New Title.

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Source: Boruto Manga and Fandom!

What Does Two Blue Vortex Mean In Boruto?

The Blue Vortex In Boruto simply references two Uzumaki associated with the Blue color in the Boruto Manga. Both Naruto and Boruto are the users of the iconic Naruto Jutsu, Rasengan. And the title might be trying to relate these two.

Does Two Blue Vortex Relate to Kawaki?

The Title Two Blue Vortex might not relate to Kawaki. Boruto has a Blue Karma whereas Kawaki has a Red Karma and is linked to the Red Color. Therefore it might be Boruto and Momoshiki who are referenced in the Title of Boruto Second Part.

What Does Two Blue Vortex In Japanese Mean?

Vortex in Japanese means Uzumaki. While two and blue basically represent the number and the color. Therefore Two Blue Vortex when translated in Japanese simply means Two Blue Uzumaki.